10 Fall Activities to do with Children

10 Fall Activities to do with Children

The Fall season is a busy time for a lot of people, especially people with children. School has started back, football and other school activities begin, homework is the new nightly struggle, and all the other countless obligations are back in full swing.

It’s a shame to be so busy such a beautiful time of the year, the leaves on the trees are peaking with their beauty and the weather is ideal…not too hot and not too cold. It’s hard to foresee free time during the Fall season but with a little effort, maybe some family time can be planned to indulge in at least a few of these festive Fall activities!


There are always several local pumpkin patches to go to during the fall season! They have lots of fun activities, too. I’ve been to ones that offer face paintings, have games, pumpkin picking, photo props, and some even offer jump houses and yummy snacks!


While you’re at the pumpkin patch make sure and grab some pumpkins for some carving when you get home! It’s much easier with all the carving kits available these days, way better from when I was a child having to use kitchen knives. The kits not only come with tools to make it easy, some of them also include fun patterns!


Go on a hayride! Sometimes hayrides are offered at the pumpkin patch but not always. I’m sure you can find one close to you if you look hard enough! I loved hayrides so much as a child that I even had a hayride at one of my Birthday parties (perks of having an October Birthday)!


Kids LOVE corn mazes! They too can be discovered at some pumpkin patches but some people create corn mazes in a location just for an amazing experience! I hope you can find one for you and your kiddos!


Hiking is a great AND healthy family activity! Hiking in the Fall is probably the best because of all the pretty changes happening to the leaves on the trees so make sure and take your camera! Pack some bottled water and some snacks for the kiddos or even a picnic for stopping and having a long the way.


Apple picking is always a good Fall activity! When my siblings and I were young, we LOVED apples! My mom used to slice apples and serve them to us with peanut butter, make homemade applesauce and we even made hot apple cider! Oh, and I can’t forget; my Nana made the BEST cooked apples, ever. Think you don’t like them? Have you ever had them with a bowl of vanilla ice cream? It’s delicious!


Playing in the leaves is something most people can do at home! Who doesn’t have childhood memories of raking the leaves into a huge pile just so you jump into them? It’s so much fun, I don’t know a kid who wouldn’t enjoy jumping in a big pile of leaves!


Making fall treats is a pretty awesome thing to do! All kids love sweets and treats and what’s better than getting to make them at home?


Not only will most kids think crafting at home is super cool, they’ll also think the same about doing it with YOU! What better way to make memories with a child while crafting something for displaying during the fall season for years to come?!


Nothing says family time like movie time! Pop some popcorn or get out those fall treats and sit back, relax and enjoy the show!

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