10 Rustic Items to Update your Home’s Style

Rustic Decor Accents to Update Anyone’s Home

I am always helping friends and family with their interior design goals around their homes. Their requests for help come heavy every time the season changes! Understandable, considering a change in season comes along with changes in the temperature, the outdoor scenery, different holidays come into play so, it’s natural to long for a different look and feel around the house, too! 

I’ve noticed recently (at least in my part of the world -Kentucky-) high requests for a rustic and farmhouse feel. Home decor can become an expense (trust me, I know) So since I am an affiliate for Amazon I have spent time researching some products to bring some fresh rustic and farmhouse decor to my readers at an affordable price! 



How cute are these? I love decor this because it is so versatile! You can use it for display for function (storage, etc.)! Click the link below to shop this look! 


I love this rustic tray! You can use it on a coffee table, on your entryway piece with a vase and some pretty floral, in the kitchen for numerous things and you could even use it to host outside get togethers in the warmer weather! This is so adorable and has countless uses! Click the link below to shop this look!


This is such an adorable but rustic and farmhouse throw pillow! I can see this throw on a sofa, a guest rom bed, in an accent chair, somewhere on the sun porch, or even on the swing or on a bench that sits on the front or back porch! Click the link below to shop this look! 


This metal watering jug would be so adorable with a flower arrangement (like it is pictured above) or sitting on a shelf with some cotton it, too. This piece of decor also works for added flare inside your home or outside on your favorite porch area! Click the link below to shop this look! 


Another reason to love these, besides their total cuteness, is their functionality! You can use them inside or outside, for plants or paperwork or you could hang them in your kitchen and place. your spices or other kitchen utensils in them! Click the link below to shop this product! 


I LOVEEE THESE!! I can think of so many things to do with these unique rustic trays! AND ONCE AGAIN you can use these gems indoor or outdoor! go ahead click the link below and GET YOU A SET!! 


Just by looking at the photos above all of the different looks you can achieve with these floating shelves speaks for itself! Click the link below and shop these amazing shelves! I know you can use them somewhere in your home! 


When I decorate for people I always tell them, YOU NEED GREENERY UP IN HERE!!!! It’s true! I know not everyone is going to keep a real house plant alive and that’s okay because that’s why they make artificial ones! These look good sitting on coffee tables, shelves in the living room, the kitchen, toss one on a nightstand or a dresser, in the entryway, HECK sit one on the bathroom counter! Small greenery accents like these will literally look good just about everywhere! So, Click the link below and shop for some! It  will totally be worth it and it can seriously change the look for bad to fab in basically any room! You’re Welcome! 


These metal baskets are so cute!! What would you do them? well…Lay an artificial arrangement of wild flowers in them, put some wooden eggs in them, Easter eggs, use them for storage in the bathroom (use the large one for toilet paper, the med one for rolled rags or hand towels and the small one on the bathroom counter for hand wash and lotion). You can use them in the kitchen or on the porch. You know they really are just so versatile you can basically use them anywhere for anything! Click the link below to shop this look! 


My sister gave me one of these not too long ago and I absolutely LOVE it! It hangs in my guest room and it’s so beautiful! I get lots of compliments on it and I think it’s perfect in my guest room but would also look really good in several other places in my home! not to mention, obviously this would make a great gift for someone! click the link below to shop this look! 

Thanks for being here and supporting me! I hope you find this post resourceful and helpful if you’re looking to add some rustic farmhouse flare to your home this Spring season! 

Love to ALL -Mallory

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