3 DIY Ideas for Valentine’s Day Decor

3 DIY Ideas for Valentine’s Day Decor

I love to decorate a little for every holiday, big or small! With Valentine’s Day around the corner, last week I decided to craft a few things to make my home shine with a little love decor.

What I used:



The felt balls above (ordered from Amazon)

A large needle and some Black thread

I strung the pink and red felt balls onto the black thread to make garland! I love garland and it’s perfect for decorating or to have at a party!


What you’ll need:

The Love decor hanger pictured above was ONE DOLLAR at the dollar tree! 

Some Paint and some painters tape!

I used painters tape to make the stripes and other paint colors of my choice to paint the O/heart cut out. I actually removed the twine hanger it came with and replaced it with a silver wire one (which I thought was a better more modern look). 


What you’ll need:

One of these from the Dollar Tree:

Some Paint 

Letter Stickers of your choice

some mod podge to paint over the sticker letters so they’ll stay

Some painters tape (if you want Stripes like I did

some paint colors of your choice

A tool to remove the middle section (while you repaint and Give the heart it’s new look)

a hot glue gun to pace the middle section back onto the heart once you’re finished painting

some clear varnish to paint over the heart once you’re all finished painting and right before you’re ready to hot glue the middle section back on!

Finished Product

I hope Everyone has a wonderful and full of LOVE Valentine’s Day this year! Thank you for being here and reading at Love Ethic -Mallory!

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