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3 DIY projects for Easter

I love to make things! What better time to craft then when a Holiday is near? People all over craft for their favorite holidays. What’s better about a piece of decor crafted by you or by someone you love? It’s unique to you (not like all of the store bought items everyone else has) and there were some memories made while crafting it.

As you learn more about me, you’ll notice there isn’t much I haven’t crafted. since Easter is around the corner I wanted to share some of my DIY Easter decor I’ve created for myself.

I have 3 things to show you today.

  1. My Easter Wreath
  2. I saw a picture in a magazine with a wreath similar to this one and wanted to purchase it so badly! Of course it was like $45 in the magazine and lets face it, the average person is probably not able to pay $45 dollars for a wreath. That is when I decided it would be no problem to make it! I found the wreath at a thrift shop, purchased the eggs and the floral materials at my local dollar tree, went home and got out my hot glue gun….and there I had it! I turned a $45 wreath into my own version for less than $10 and I love it so much!
  3. Speckled Easter Eggs

  4. Speckled Easter eggs are definitely a thing. Everybody loves them because let’s face it, they’re just so darn cute! They are kind of a costly decor item to purchase though. A couple years ago, my mother gave me one of those antique wire baskets with some wooden eggs in it. I know, I know, this is a hot decor item for people in the south but I’m sorry, it’s just not my style. I wanted to keep them since my sweet mother gave them to me so I decided I would paint them like the cute over priced speckled Easter eggs in all the stores. What I did was chose my paint colors for my eggs and painted them. Once they dried, I got ready to give them some speckle. I thought instead of the traditional brown speckles most of these eggs have I would do something a little more my style and use a bronze (gold-ish) color for my specks. How did I achieve this look? I found an old toothbrush, dipped it into my bronze paint and brushed my thumb against the bristles and did it alongside of each egg and until I achieved my desired look. Since my eggs are wooden, my last step was to coat each of them with some wax to seal them. I really love them and I showed my mom and she did too!
  5. Bunny Table-runner 

  6. I made this with my Nana last year. My Nana is my main crafting partner, we’ve made thousands of things together and it’s one of my favorite parts of life. I actually got this idea from pinterest. I never actually do a project exactly like the pinner does, but that’s what I have Nana for. I already had the long piece of burlap in my art supplies so that was helpful. Nana and I measured out the distance we wanted to leave between each bunny after we measured out a space to leave empty in the middle for a centerpiece. once we did that, I actually made patterns for the bunny’s myself (free handed them) and them drew them on the burlap. Then I chose the colors I wanted each bunny and panted them! Next with Nana’s assistance we used old fabric and ribbon we had on hand and made the cloth flowers for their tails. Then I got my out my hot glue gun and placed the tails on all my bunny’s tails. I placed a gem stone on the eyes of the ones facing sideways for a little flare and I was done! I think it’s so adorable and I get compliments on it all the time!

The bowl in the middle of my table is from Anthropologie (a wedding gift from my sweet Aunt Libby) and the candle sticks were a wedding gift too. they are from Amazon and if you click the link below you can own a set too!


32 year old wife, stepmother, dog mom, daughter, granddaughter, sister, Aunt and friend. Lover of all humans, animals, books, traveling, crafting, painting, photography, learning new things, meeting new people, experiencing new things, listening, sharing, and most importantly, LIVING BY A LOVE ETHIC. “Love ethic” is an phrase adapted by one of my favorite authors, Dr. bell hooks. In one of her books, hooks defined love according to Peck's definition in his 1978 book The Road Less Traveled: love is “the will to extend one's self for the purpose of nurturing one's own or another's spiritual growth” (as cited in hooks, 2000. (2000). All about love: New visions.

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