3 Resources & 3 Tools for Growers

3 Resources & 3 Tools for Growers

Those who garden have happier lives. I’ve always loved flowers, plants and even trees. When I was a little girl I spent countless hours in the yard with my mother while she worked on her landscaping.Unlike most women I’ve ever met, my mother loved to work outside, to mow her lawn, and grow a variation of flowers, plants, bushes, and trees to enjoy all year around. She always told me it was good for one’s health to get a little dirt on the hands. My mother not only loved gardening as one of her top hobbies she also believed it was therapeutic and good for the soul. She’s always expressed a need to be outside, under the sunshine, and in the dirt to embrace and maintain a sense of connectedness to mother nature. She has taught me the joy of planting a seed, awaiting it to sprout and watching it grow. Seeing the beauty and life of all the wonder thriving around you is only a part of the achievement in planting seeds.

Create with purpose

       Gardening is a way to take one’s mind elsewhere, away from what ails you. It forces you to have Ideas, be creative and make choices. Gardening gives you something to nurture while accomplishing results that are so gratifying. If you’re a first-time gardener go outside in your yard and begin plotting where you want to plant things and what you want to grow! There are thousands of options! You can use areas around your home that need a new look or you can create a new flower bed from scratch! My husband built 2 raised beds in our backyard several years ago and we use one for vegies and I plant a butterfly garden in the other one, every year! I know what you’re thinking! I’ve never gardened anything and I don’t even know where to start. That’s okay because I am going to give you some good resources to get you started!

Maybe you don’t know anyone who can build you a raised bed…Click the Images below to check out some alternatives!

  1. Speak to a pro

Did you know you can call the Missouri Botanical Garden’s Horticulture answering service any weekday and they will answer any gardening questions you might have? Pretty cool, huh? They can also direct you to other resources regarding any questions or concerns you might have concerning your precious florals! Their digits are: (314-577-5143). If you’re not so much a phone person you can always hop on the internet and go to go to: www.mobot.org and click on the Gardening and Gardens tab. Now, you have no excuses…so get to planting!

  1. Recognize the Weeds

Any gardener will tell you, weeds are unavoidable. They will also tell you how annoying they are and how if you don’t identify them early on and get your hands on them, they can ruin an entire garden. Frustrating, I know! However, if you’re familiar with them and get ahold of their overtaking nature quickly, it’s really no big deal. Here’s how you can do it: go to www.garden.org and check out the National Gardening Association’s weed library. They not only have the names of different types of weeds but photos of them too! There is also a Questions and Answers section to assist with plant IDs.

  1. Resourceful Research (that of others, of course!)

Get information right from your own garden! If you have a tablet or a smart phone you can: download the Garden Answers Plant ID appto assist you with helpful information. All you do is snap a photo of any plant and the app will provide you with possible identities. Even if you’re not provided with an exact match it’s a great resource to have and a good start to begin learning about all the different types of plants and flowers that surround us!

Be Prepared

       If you’re going to be a gardener there isn’t too much I would say you need to spend money on (expect for the plants of course). However, maybe you have a family member, a friend, or even a neighbor whose garden is overflowing with some gems they’d be willing to lend. This kind of gifting has been done for century’s! There is always a kind soul who’s willing to grant you some bulbs from their yard! If you happen to not luck into an encounter like this, it’s also okay to take a drive in the country and find you some there! Growing up in Kentucky, I remember my mother and I stopping numerous times on a backroad for some digging! Please note: It is not considered rude to ask a friend for something out of their garden to take and put in yours. (Just make sure they have plenty to share!) Now, there is some pretty important tools you’ll need to get started. Once you begin gardening for yourself, you’ll know what works best for you and what your essential tools will be. However, here are 3 of my “can’t live without” tools when I’m gardening:

  1. Gloves

A good pair of gardening gloves is essential! There are thorns, sharp parts, and even itchy parts to any plant! Click the image below to see the gloves I love!

  1. Pruning Shears

These are a MUST HAVE! I would call these scissors on steroids. They can pretty much be used on any type of plant, strong enough to prune hard branches and shrubs. It’s very frustrating to come across something you can’t break with your hands so these things are a must! Click the link below to see ones like I use!

  1. Cobrahead

Nicknamed the steel fingernail, the cobrahead is a multipurpose tool. This tool is basically indispensable when it comes to weeding. This is a tool that comes in handy more often than not! Click the image below to check out my steel fingernail!

       Gardening is so fulfilling! You can learn so much from growing, about the earth and all of the wonders of mother nature! It brings happiness and a sense of meaning to a great deal of people all over the world. If you’re a first-time gardener, start small and simple. You can always expand the size of your garden and the diversity of plants you enjoy overtime!  Planting that special seed can also bring joy to many generations after you. For example, my grandfather passed away about a year ago. He lived on a beautiful piece of property surround by his farm that was once where his parents lived (my great-grandparents- who I never knew). In his yard are 2 of the most beautiful beds full of daffodils. They are absolutely breathtaking! Little did I know, they were actually planted years and years ago by my great grandmother, my dad’s grandmother. Our family has enjoyed those daffodils every sense. The best part? I can always think of my dad’s grandmother when I admire them and I can bring a part of her into my own home when I pick a handful and set them on a vase in the center of my kitchen table. What’s better than giving yourself a gift that keeps on giving? Even though I never knew her, my father and his siblings will never forget their “Mimi.” I’m so grateful, even though she’s gone, that part of her will live within our family; year after year.


    1. Thank you! As soon as the weather is better and my husband and I are actually able to begin planting our veggies, I will blog about which veggies we chose this year and then follow their progress! We usually do tomatoes!

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