4 DIY Easter Decorations for Beginners

DIY Easter Decorations for Beginners

I hear so many people say, “I’m not crafty” or “I’m not creative” and my favorite, “I am just not good at decorating!” And you know what my response is to all of you? YES you ARE and YES you CAN! I crafted these 4 Easter/Spring easy DIY decoration ideas to share with all of you “non-crafty-decoraters” so that you can prove yourself wrong and get creative! 


Egg Tree

For some reason I actually had this tree in my garage and I think it maybe a Christmas decoration but I knew I had these Easter eggs with ribbon loops on the end for hanging but I had never used them. SOOOO I decided I would use this tree and these eggs to make an “Egg Tree.”

These are things I had laying around my house and I know not everyone has these random items on hand as often as I do, however, If you click the buttons below your an see where to get yours!

You could also use some limbs from the yard to achieve this look and just set them in a vase or an extra pot you have laying around!


Easter Decorative Jars

This is so cute and so inexpensive almost all of the supplies came from the Dollar Tree! I put decorative eggs and carrots inside my jars but you could definitely put some kind of candy inside them as well and it would be just as cute!

What You’ll Need

  1. 2 ceramic painting sets from the dollar store
  2. 2 jars with lids from the Dollar Tree
  3. some paint
  4. a hot glue gun
  5. decorative things or candy to put inside your. jars

Lets do This

First plug your hot glue gun in. Take the lids off your jars and hot glue the center piece of the metal lid onto the rims. so the lid stays connected from now on. Once those are dry get out the paint you chose to paint your lids and ceramic figures with and prepare to paint the lids and ceramic toppers. 

I painted a coat of white paint on my lids first!

Now just get your jars and place whatever it is you’ve decided to stuff your jars with inside of them. After the paint has dried on the lids, screw the lids onto the jars. Then take the hot glue gun and glue the painted ceramic pieces on top and in the middle of each jar lid!

ALL DONE! How Cute?


Egg Floral Arrangement

This next project looks like a challenge but be not afraid, it’s not too bad! And that’s coming from me who doesn’t consider myself a pro at making flower arrangements by any means! However, I am working on getting better all the time and I I’m really going to challenge myself this spring and Summer by posting some floral arrangement tutorials! I feel like the more we do these, the better we will get! So, lets get started with this Easter egg floral arrangement I threw together the other day after finding these cute eggs on a stick at the Dollar Tree. 

What You’ll Need

  1. some eggs on a stick (The Dollar Tree)
  2. some florals of your choice (I used some I on hand)
  3. some floral fillers (I used some glittery pink berries and some yellow glitter stems) All from the Dollar Tree 🙂
  4. some fake grass (I used some off white rafia) also from the Dollar Tree 🙂
  5. a planter (I used a tin bucket planter from the dollar store)
  6. some styrofoam to place in the bottom of your container you choose to make your arrangement in. 

How I did it!

  1. Take the container you chose to use and mush the Styrofoam or filler you have down into it. 

2. Pull apart your flowers and cut them into separate pieces and so you can begin to arrange them in your planter. 

3. TRUE STORY- I literally just began sticking different things in different places and then removing them and sticking them somewhere else until I came up with a look I thought was pretty enough to have displayed on my table. It didn’t take me too long to come up with a design that was pretty cute. It was my husbands idea to add the rafia at the bottom after I had everything placed in the bucket the way I wanted it he suggested I needed something “fluffy” in the bottom (hahaha) – I love that guy and his suggestions- anyways…when I was finished with everything placement, I added it to the mix by stuffing it in places in the bottom where it would fit.

Egg Floral Arrangement Complete


Milk-glass Easter egg Display

I literally have about 5 or so milk glass dishes that I’ve had passed down to me from great grandmothers and grandmothers over the years. This next piece of decor is literally so simple a craft- challenged person doesn’t even have a good excuse to not accomplish this one! So, here we go!

What You’ll Need

  1. Some milk-glass dishes
  2. Green Moss (Dollar Tree)
  3. tiny glittery crafting Easter eggs (Dollar General)

If you don’t happen to have any milk-glass dishes look no further than your local thrift store or any Good Will Store I swear I generally see one every time I go in a thrift store! 

Take each milk glass dish and fill it with some green moss and then place your mini decorative eggs on top! DONE! SIMPLE! DARLING!

I hope someone somewhere thinks these 4 DIY decorations are simple enough to try themselves! These are not hard EVEN for you folks who are always saying you don’t have a crafty bone in you! YES YOU DO!! Make something and then show it to me! I can’t wait to see! You may surprise yourself! Good Luck and HAPPY CRAFTING!

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