4 Questions I’m asked most from Bride’s to be

March 12, 2018


I just got married in October of 2017. I have been happily married ever since however, my husband I are still paying for our wedding. Did my parents pay for my wedding? Yes, they contributed (a great deal actually). But the truth of the matter is, I, along with my parents had no idea everything “wedding” costed a small fortune.My older sister had a destination wedding with just her and her husband so technically I was the first child out of my parents 5 children to go through the whole wedding planning process.
My husband and I tried to do the minimum when it came to EVERYTHING but in the end, it was still a very costly occasion and added to the cost was our honeymoon and like I said, we’re still paying for it! We loved every second of our wedding day and of our honeymoon! We wouldn’t change either of them for anything however, we have learned a lot! We learned so much that when I’m asked questions by brides-to-be I am able to give them pretty good insight through my own experience. Even though Wade and I wouldn’t change anything about our experience, there are a lot of things we would have done differently because of what we know now!

4 Questions I am frequently asked:
1. When Should I begin planning?
You should begin planning as soon as you’re engaged and have chosen a date! Actually, you don’t really choose a wedding date. You pick a venue and then you basically choose your wedding date based on what they have available. Personally, I couldn’t begin planning anything about my wedding until I booked the venue. You need the Venue to make everything else come together.
2. Where should I begin?
Do yourself and everyone involved a favor and begin with a BUDGET! How much do you want to spend on this event? The third question I get asked the most is:
3. How much does everything cost?
Check into the cost of things in and around the area you are planning to get married.
Check the cost of:
• Venues
• Flowers
• Food
• Photography
• Invitations
• Entertainment (a DJ or a BAND)
• Wedding dresses
• Wedding decorator (trust me, you don’t want to do it yourself)
• Cakes
• Alcohol
• Accessories (shoes, jewelry, etc.)
• Invitations (do you want to send save-the-dates)?
• Do you want to have wedding favors?
• Will you need a hotel room the evening of your wedding?
• There are numerous things to check prices on, I’m sure I’m forgetting something
Once you’ve check prices for the things above, then you need to decide on a budget. Allot a specific amount for each category you want to make a part of your special day. Also, people will ask me, what’s the proper way to do this or that (do I need to serve a meal or do I really need wedding favors?) and I will tell you like I tell them, ABSOULTELY NOT! It’s your wedding, you know how much money you have and your guests are lucky to be there! Take it from this newlywed, be yourself and stay within your budget no matter what it takes! Once you’ve decided and agreed upon a budget, let the planning begin- go book your venue!

4. When Should I buy my dress?
Try on lots of dresses! Try on dresses you think you’ll like, ones you think you won’t like, let friends go along and pick some out for you try on, and let your mom, grandmother, and sisters go along one time and pick out dresses for you to try on too. After all, you’ll get the final say and you’ll be surprised what you might like trying on a variety of styles. Begin your dress hunt early on that way you have lots of time to go to different places and try on lots of different styles. Finding the right dress (that I could afford) was the hardest challenge for me as a bride, period. You’ll know when you find the one and when you do, BUY IT! Remember to set money aside for alterations. I paid $500 for my dress and $200 for alterations making my total dress expense $700.

Have more questions? Comment on this post and I’ll be glad to share any information that could be helpful. Thanks for being here and supporting me! Love to all!

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