4 Simple Steps to Make These Cute Bunnies

I made these bunny decorations with dollar store supplies. It cost me a total of $3 to make them (I already had some paint and some brown and green moss on hand in my craft room). Continue reading to see how quick, easy and inexpensive these Easter/ Spring decorations are to make! 


  1. 2 mini terra cotta pots (1 pack of 2 $1 at the Dollar Tree
  2. 2 decorative bunnies (mine came from the Dollar General for $1 a piece).
  3. Some brown and green craft moss (both can be purchased at the Dollar Tree).
  4. Some paint (You can choose whatever paint color you want and you can do both the same color, I just decided to paint mine 2 different colors).
  5. A hot glue gun


  1. paint the terra pots and the bunnies
  2. plug the hot glue gun in
  3. turn the pots upside down and glue some brown moss onto each pot and then some green on top of the brown (to your desired look)
  4. take the painted bunnies and hot glue them on top of the green moss and then you’re finished! 

Cutest Bunny Decorations, Ever!

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