$4 Halloween Wreath

$4 halloween Wreath

I’m at it again with my Dollar Tree finds! I have an old window hanging in my dinning room, I keep a boxwood wreath hanging on it most of the time but during a holiday I obviously like to switch the boxwood wreath for something more festive. I didn’t have one for Halloween until I was at the Dollar Tree the other day and an idea sparked after browsing their Halloween accessories.

What I found

They always have these green styrofoam wreaths at the Dollar Tree and I found these black and orange glitter balls “vase fillers” and got 3 packages of them (only 2 pictured) totaling $4 !

What I already had

  • Black paint
  • A paint brush
  • Some ribbon for a bow
  • A hot glue gun and glue sticks


The first thing I did was Take the green styrofoam wreath and paint it black.


Then I took the orange and black shiny “vase fillers” and separated them into different containers.


After I got my accessories organized like I wanted, I grabbed my hot glue gun and began gluing the balls on (no specific pattern or place). I glued them on the front first, then on the inside rim and lastly onto the edges on the top part. I left the back blank because honestly, it was more time consuming than I thought it would be and no one was going to see the back anyway. 🙂

I basically just kept glueing the balls on until I achieved my desired look.


After all the balls were hot glued on to perfection (isn’t that darling)?! I got out some old ribbon I had saved that was attached to a wedding gift Wade and I had received (I thought the black and white stripes were the perfect match for this project) and made a bow and hanger for the wreath.


Lastly I took a hole punch and made a hole in the part of the hanging ribbon to hang it from a nail on that antique window I have in my dinning room. It was beyond adorable!

$4 DOLLARS YALL! I love this cute Halloween wreath and maybe it was a tad time consuming but totally worth it and you really can’t beat it for $4!!!! *AWESOME*

Thanks for being here and for reading at LovEthic! Love to ALL -Mallory

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