5 tips for keeping your home tidy

March 19, 2018

We are all too accustomed with the struggles of keeping our living space tidy. Whether it’s the unavoidable dirt that surrounds our belongings no matter how often we dust, the toothpaste and hair that collects on our bathroom sinks, counter tops and cabinet doors (for some reason, those of us with children in our homes know toothpaste can actually end up in the most unlikely places), and whether you have kids or not, we’re all too familiar with the cluttered look any single room can acquire out of nowhere. I often get complements about my house being so tidy and free of clutter and more often I am quizzed on how my house maintains its tidy state. Most people probably think I just clean all the time. It’s common to think those with clean houses have more free time than those whose homes aren’t as tidy. That’s not actually true. I’m a pretty busy bee who, believe it or not, doesn’t actually have a great deal of free time to just clean my house. What I do have time for, and so do you, is to implement a few quick cleaning tricks that will help keep your home tidy on a daily basis. No matter if your home houses just you, you and your partner, or a family of 6…there are a few ticks I have learned to be helpful allowing your home to not become completely unmanageable in a short time frame.

1. I know everyone has seen bathroom counters like this…


There is toothpaste and hair everywhere in the morning after everyone gets ready! So annoying, right? Sometimes those kids in the house can even come up with messes like the one on the cabinet doors pictured above.

Ha! I know, right!? How is this even possible? There is toothpaste from the counter, the cabinets, to the floor! It’s even all over the mirror for God’s sake! Not to mention all the other smears on the mirror from people wiping their hand across it to clear a place to see their pretty face. Well, for the smeared toothpaste and hair that’s all over the counter and cabinets the next time you’re at the store grab a container of these.


There are numerous brands in all price ranges and you’ll thank me later. This exact container I actually got at the dollar tree (a place I frequent) so you can have some too and the best part? They’ll only put you out a dollar (I advise you get a container for every bathroom to store under the counter). Now Every morning when everyone is finished painting the place with toothpaste and brushing their hair all over the place, reach under the sink where you have these wipes handy and give the counter top and cabinet doors along with the faucet a good wipe down. Toss it in the trash and there you go! You’ve now saved yourself from the accumulation of filth and unmanageable mess your bathroom could be by the end of the week!

2. Get those mirrors clean from all the toothpaste and hand smearing!

Most people clean glass or mirrors with the all to common glass cleaners like, Windex and Uline glass cleaner, etc. However, my Nana taught me years ago that those products are only good for streaking your precious glass and mirrors, making them look even worse than they may have before. She suggests: Take 2 of those microfiber towels, like this one…

You’ll need one that you’ve ran under some water and ringed out until you can’t get another drip of water out of it and the other one completely dry. What you do is take the damp one and wipe the dirty mirror down of all its filth and then take the dry one and wipe it down really well, again. The second wipe down with the dry towel may need to be done more than once. But check out these before and after pictures from me using this shinning method…


3. Dust, you must! I know, I know, dusting is so lame. Here’s the thing though, when you do what I call, “a quick dust run-through” it’s really not that big of thing. All you need to do is grab another one of those dry microfiber towels, some Murphy’s Oil, an empty spray bottle and some water…
What I do is: take an empty spray bottle and I fill it up with water and Murphy’s Oil(about a 3rd of the mix is Murphy’s Oil). Once all in your spray bottle, give a little shake then spray onto dusty area. Next take your dry towel and wipe across the area. Not only is there no more dust, it also smells amazing, too! You’ll feel so much better once you’re finished and so will your home! Place your mixed solution with your other cleaning supplies and use again, as needed.

                                                              CLICK IMAGE BELOW

4. Declutter! Put things away!
When things are unorganized it makes the little things in life more time consuming. Numerous studies have concluded that clutter causes stress. Let’s face it, we could all use LESS stress and it’s as simple as just putting things away in their special place. Productivity consultant, Ann Gomez suggest that the “one touch rule” is one to live by. I agree. Here’s an example.

You arrive home from work, take off your jacket…. you have 2 options here:
1: you can toss it over the back of the chair that’s in front of you OR
2: since it’s already in your hand, you walk to the closet where it belongs and hang it up? You tell me…?

                                                               CLICK IMAGE BELOW

This scenario relates to everything in your home. Just put it away. It likes being in its designated spot, too! If you’re already touching something then you’re going to put it somewhere, just put it where it goes! You can do it!

5. Make your bed!

As a young child I was required by my mother to make my bed EVERY MORNING, no excuses. What happened if I didn’t make my bed? I was unable to go out and play with the other children in the hood after school or engage in any other fun activities after school for that matter. So, needless to say, I always made my bed. I am 32 years old and I still make my bed, every day. I can’t remember a day when I didn’t make my bed. Take it from me, when your laundry is behind or you have other things misplaced around your bedroom, a made bed makes all the difference. Not only does it help the appearance of an untidy bedroom it also has its other benefits. I’m pretty sure one of the habits of successful people is they make their beds. You can do it! It’s a simple task that takes less than 2 minutes! Plus, getting into a made bed at night is priceless.

These 5 tips are all very simple and not time consuming at all. They won’t make your home spotless. We all know a little intense cleaning and elbow grease is necessary every once in a while, but these 5 tips will make for less elbow grease when your big cleaning day comes around. These 5 tips will also make your home ready for unexpected company and last minute visitors, too! But, most importantly they will make YOU and the others who live in your home feel better and less stressed! I hope these are useful to someone because life really is about love and enjoyment and I hope you’re doing just that!


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