5 Netflix Gems

Almost everyone has Netflix nowadays. We’ve all browsed through the thousands of series, movies and documentaries Netflix has to offer, yet we all still want suggestions on which ones are the best.

I like to think I only watch watch the best! Since we’ve hit the holiday weekend and most people will have an extra day off, what better time to start a new miniseries or a good show once you get the kids to bed? Below I decided to share 5 shows currently on Netflix that my husband and I have or are thoroughly enjoying!

1. My next guest needs no introduction with David Letterman

This is a talk show where David Letterman interviews people he finds fascinating. Although you may not personally find each guest interesting, I assure you, Letterman’s laidback method of interviewing and his intriguing interactions with his guests will captivate you. It’s not only interesting to get an inside look of the lives of his guests but it’s reassuring to be able to relate to some of the most well-known individuals around the world. I give this show and David Letterman’s efforts the highest rating!

2. Comedians in cars getting coffee hosted by Jerry Seinfeld

This show is pretty awesome, especially if you love Jerry Seinfeld. Who doesn’t love Jerry Seinfeld? During each Episode Jerry drives to his invitees’ home or picks them up from a designated location in an old classic car of his choice. A lot of his guests are fellow comedians as well as longtime friends. They then head for coffee and conversation that is some of the best entertainment I’ve seen in a long time! These episodes are pure enjoyment!

3. Trump: The American Dream

This is a Netflix original mini series that highlights a great deal about The Donald. What I like most about it (even though I’m not a fan of Trump) is that it is unbiased. The filmmakers use an outstanding approach at highlighting events throughout Donald Trump’s life that have undoubtably lead him to where he is now; the President of the United States. I also like how this series reveals how his undesirable and sociopath personality is something people close to him have always suffered with. It’s also interesting to learn of his business endeavors and how he has used tax money (cuts & loopholes) to gain financially for the Trump Organization and for himself. There’s a great deal of insight on Trump’s past that attribute to who he is now and his frightening techniques to being the President of The United States.

4. Stranger Things

Though I’m usually not a fan of science fiction I was actually quite intrigued by this Netflix Original Series set in the fictional town of Hopkins, Indiana. Set in the 1980’s (which I love) the first season concentrations on the investigation into the vanishing of a young boy amidst supernatural events stirring around the town, including the mystery appearance of a young girl with psychokinetic abilities who is secretly taken in for safety by the missing boy’s friends while conducting their own search for their lost friend.

The second season, titled Stranger Things 2, is set in the following year after the first. The second season deals with efforts of the characters desire to return to the normal life they once knew; while facing the significances that’ve drifted from the past (season 1).

5. The Killing

The Killing is another Netflix original series that has 4 seasons and 44 episodes. It’s a dark yet thrilling serial drama. This series drove me absolutely crazy at times. I won’t reveal too much but believe me when I say, it’s so good! There were times I stayed up way past my bed time because I just couldn’t hold back from one more episode! I just never wanted to stop watching and you won’t either!

I love a good movie, documentary, miniseries, or any series for that matter as a good way to relax. If you have some that you love, please share them with me in the comments section of this post! I would love to hear about the good films you find interesting! Thanks for taking time to read about mine! Mallory Lov-E-thic

I also have Amazon Prime!

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