8 DIY Christmas Decor Ideas for Minimalists

DIY Minimalist Decor for the Holidays!

Lets talk about 8 DIY Christmas Decor Ideas for Minimalists!

It hasn’t been long since I’ve implemented several habits of the minimalist lifestyle. A little over year ago I read the book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying up by, Marie Kondo.



This book changed my life! Kondo shares great insight on a minimalist lifestyle, how to get stared and all the ends and outs of how to maintain a tidy home! I kid you not, I read this little gem in a day and a half and began a new lifestyle immediately! 

A minimalist lifestyle lead me to some creative DIY Minimalist Christmas Decor Ideas

I’ve created some minimalist DIY Christmas decorations I’d like to share with the world! I love all of these and they were all very simple and inexpensive! 


Dollar Tree Christmas Tree

What you’ll need:

18 inch Dollar Tree Christmas Tree

Dollar Tree Christmas Tree $1

Grapevine Decorative Balls Dollar Tree

Grapevine Decorative Balls Dollar Tree $1

3 Pack of Twine Dollar Tree

Twine Dollar Tree $1

You’ll also need an old flower pot of your choice and I used white tissue paper

First: I opened the tree and separated the branches. I didn’t use the pieces you’re supposed to connect to the bottom since I knew I would be placing in the Flower pot with tissue paper stuffed around to stand. 

Second: I strung the grapevine balls onto some twine. I had 2 packs of the grapevine balls (12 balls). I wrapped the twins around the tree until it was the best length for decorating the tree. 

Third: I put the garland I made onto the tree! 

How Darling?!

Minimalist Dollar Tree Christmas Tree


Rope Wreath

What you’ll need:

First: I used my hot glue gun to glue the braided rope around the metal piece I used to shape the wreath. 

Second: I took some pieces of the eucalyptus and hot glued them onto the wreath over the section where the rope had been cut to attach to the wreath (that way that portion was covered and not an eyesore). 


Third: I hot glued the 3 wooded beads and the holly on as desired. 

I love, love, love this cute little minimalist wreath!

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Simple Christmas Tree Wreath

(All from the Dollar Tree)

What you’ll need:

First: I painted the wooden Christmas Tree I purchased from The Dollar Tree for $1 (yay). I originally painted it with chalk board paint but the decided to do black and white stripes. I got out some painters tape and made some stripes on the wooden Christmas Tree. After I painted over the tree white I just removed the painters tape and had a cute little black and white striped Christmas tree! 

Second: I attached the wooden and now painted tree to the wreath. I used the craft cord purchased from Michael’s. 

Third: I took the Christmas floral pick and separated the pieces so I could stick into the wreath as desired. 

 Then I placed the separated pieces into my wreath! 

Simple, Inexpensive and minimalist wreath!

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Wine Bottle Candle Holder

What you’ll need:

  1. An old Wine Bottle
  2. Some Greenery
  3. A candle

Very simple! You just take the bottle, add some greenery and other floral decorations of your choice and stick a candle in the top!

Simple, pretty and minimalist!


Popsicle Stick Snow Flake

What you’ll need: 

  1. Popsicle sticks
  2. Hot Glue Gun
  3. Greenery Pipe Cleaners (Hobby Lobby)


popsicle snow flake
Popsicle Sticks laid out and hot glued together as a snow flake

Lay the popsicle sticks out in the shape of a snow flake and then hot glue them together. 


Take the greenery pipe cleaner (from Hobby Lobby) and hot glue them onto the snowflake. I had to cut some pieces to make them fit onto the snowflake correctly (no big deal)! 


You’re Finished! How Beautiful and Simple and Minimalist?!?!!


Greenery Ornaments 

What you’ll need:

  1. some greenery of your choice
  2. Twine (Dollar Tree)
  3. Plastic Clear Craft ornaments (Dollar Tree)

To make these all you do is gather all the supplies listed above, insert the greenery (as desired) into each ornament. once you’ve done this string each of them with twine for hanging!

How Darling?!


Embroidery Hoop Hanging Decor

What you’ll need

  1. 2 sizes of embroidery hoops
  2. hot glue gun
  3. 2 dow rods
  4. some Christmas florals
  5. twine 

First: I took the 2 embroidery hoops and glued them together and them I glued the 2 dow rods across each hoop horizontally. 


Second: I hot glued the Christmas Florals on as desired.

Third: I tied a piece of twine onto the large hook for hanging.


Christmas Floral Hanger

What you’ll need:

  1. Dow Rod
  2. Twine
  3. Hot Glue Gun
  4. Christmas Florals of your choice

First: Take the dow rod and tie twine to each end. Bring it together at the top so it makes the shape of a triangle. 

Second: Take the hot glue gun and glue Christmas florals to one of the dow rod to make a display/design to your desire. 

Third: Hang somewhere in your home for beautiful and simple Christmas MINIMALIST decor! 

How Simple and Darling?!

I love all of this

Minimalist Christmas Decor 

and I am so excited to share it with you guys! All of it is super easy to make and very inexpensive! I can’t wait to use of this new minimal decor in home for the Holiday’s this year! I just LOVE being tidy! 

If anyone has any questions about any of these Minimalist projects please feel free to ask questions in the comments or ask me personally at my email address (mallorydublin@gmail.com) or you can click on the contact page in the main menu to my site and get ahold of me that way, too! 

Also, if anyone is more of a visual and hands on learner make sure to let me know because I would be glad to go live on LovEthic’s Facebook page and show you exactly how I made any of these crafts (not only on this page but on any of my posts! Thank you so much for being here and exploring on LovEthic! Love to ALL -Mallory


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