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Hi! I’m, Mallory the creator of  LovEthic! LovEthic was created from a passion rooted deep within me growing with concern, empathy and love for humanity and a desire to reach a greater audience. The name LovEthic comes from one of my favorite authors, Dr. bell hooks. I grew a notion for love ethics while reading her love trilogy (All About Love: New Visions, Salvation: Black People and Love, and Communion: The Female Search for Love). She reasons for an understanding of the word love that overlooks traditional dominant ideology concepts of love occurring in families and marriages. In her book, All About Love: New Visions she says, “In order to return to love, we need to look at love as a verb, not as a noun.” She believes spreading this ethic of love is imperative for social progress and that it must replace the already established ideas of heteronormative love that surrounds us in society daily.

        My goals as a blogger:

  • share life experiences big and small
  • share the life experiences of others in my community paving a road to connection
  • showcase my crafting skills and frequent DIY projects
  • encourage, support and help others
  • exemplify living by a love ethic

strive to create and share quality content enabling me to profit through affiliate marketing, my Etsy shop, and donations made to LovEthic so that eventually I am able to contribute to and even fund humanitarian causes in my community.


My mission is to contribute positive energy to everything I do, to inspire, listen, and encourage others respectfully. I strive to make everyone I meet feel worthwhile. I will always take time to improve myself dismissing time to ridicule others. I will live modeling a Love Ethic. I will motivate and encourage through my dedication and service to others. I will be a person of my word and do the right thing even when it’s the hard thing. When I am faced with decisions I will always make the choice I can live with. I vow to always express gratitude and to lend a smile to all living creatures I come across. I will not be burdened by those who seek my help but I will stand up for what is right and for myself. I will never ask someone to do something I wouldn’t do myself. I will always keep an open mind and empathy and compassion in my heart.

Thanks for being here and supporting me!

Charitable donations to Lov-E-thic for Everybody (mallorydublin.com)

Donations are greatly appreciated and always used for a great cause. Any donations made to my website will used to contribute to the expenses associated with fees running and managing my site and adventures and projects that enrich my blogging experience. I am more thankful than you could ever imagine.