A Guide to making this DIY Cage Decor

DIY hanging cage or decorative globe decor

This idea just hit me one day while I was browsing around in the Dollar Tree. I mean, lets be honest, Im only in there like 3 times a week. I noticed with some of the new things they had put out for Spring, hanging wire planters was one of them! I knew then I was going to make some kind of something by placing two of them together. Keep reading to see what I ended up doing. 

What I used

  1. 2 metal hanging planters from The Dollar Tree
  2. Zip ties
  3. Artificial florals from Wal-Mart
  4. Gold spray paint
  5. Hot glue gun

What I Did

  1. Take the chain and hanging hook off of each basket. Take them outside and spray paint them gold. Spray paint the chains and hanging hook, too.
  2. Once its dry take some zip ties to hold the baskets together.
  3. then take some artificial florals and decorate your cage/globe as you wish! I glued greenery around the outside of mine because it hid where I had placed zip ties to hold them together. However, I did use clear zip ties so I think it would have looked fine without it, I just actually really like the way it looks! 

After I glued the greenery around the outside I placed the chain and hook it hangs with back on it

I then took some of the greenery and floral pieces and arranging them differently in the globe. I tried to see all of the different things and or looks I could get out of this contraption! See below for how I played around with it. 

Then I decided to add a bird…

Don’t have anywhere to hang it? Display it without the chains and hook

I can imagine making a bunch of theses and hanging them at a Birthday party, a wedding, a wedding shower, a baby shower, to decorate a little girls bedroom, I mean the list really goes on and on! 

You could paint these any color and place ant kind of florals in them…Christmas, Easter, Party themed items, etc. 

You could also use these hanging outside on a porch or a sun porch or sun room!

You could sit the on top of flower pots and grow real ivy to bloom on them or use artificial, too…Who would really know the difference?

Thanks for being here and learning about another one of my DIYs! Love to ALL -Mallory

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