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Mallory Dublin

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Hi! I’m, Mallory the creator of  mallorydublin.com a LifeStyle & DIY Blog! My site was created from a passion rooted deep within me growing with empathy, love for humanity, and a need to share my creativity and a desire to reach a greater audience. I life by a LovEthic which comes from one of my favorite authors, Dr. bell hooks. I grew a notion for love ethics while reading her love trilogy (All About Love: New Visions, Salvation: Black People and Love, and Communion: The Female Search for Love). She reasons for an understanding of the word love that overlooks traditional dominant ideology concepts of love. In her book, All About Love: New Visions she says, “In order to return to love, we need to look at love as a verb, not as a noun.” 

Thanks for being here! Let’s be creative and share our ideas with love!

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