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I really made a haul this year with some awesome gifts! I have already put all of them to use and can’t wait any longer to share them with you. Christmas is a big deal in my family. Being 1 of 5 children my mother can’t help herself when it comes to “Santa Claus.” Yes, at her house, Santa still comes to see all 5 of her adult children and 4 grandsons! Needless to say, the gifts and love are plentiful on Christmas Day at the house I grew up in. In no specific order let’s get to discussing some of the epic things I was gifted this Christmas, as my mom would say, from Santa!

Ninja Coffee Bar System

My Husband and I got married in October of 2017. We are both coffee drinkers and of course registered for (at the time) what we thought was a good coffee maker. Unfortunately, the one we requested as a wedding gift didn’t even last the first year of our marriage, ha!

My husband picked up a cheap one at Walmart shortly afterwards to replace it. The cheap one drove me out of my mind! That thing leaked everywhere on my countertop and made the biggest most unpleasant mess for me to clean up every morning after my husband went to work! Enough is enough!

Knowing Christmas was approaching, I did lots of research on coffee makers and read hundreds of customer’s reviews. I have always been really attracted to the Keurig coffee makers. I know Keurig is a good brand and people say great things about them but my husband and I’s drawback was the fact you have to use those pods in them to make your coffee. We both decided that wouldn’t be the best option for our household.

So the more research I did I finally decided the best option for us would be the Ninja Coffee Bar! 


Why I love the Ninja Coffee Bar coffee maker:

  1. It’s easy, makes absolutely no mess, and doesn’t require coffee pods! yay!

  2. You can make iced coffee

  3. There are 6 different brew size settings along with numerous other fancy settings

  4. I love the modern and cool look of it (it matches all of the other black and stainless appliances in our kitchen)

  5. it’s quiet and brews a tasty pot of coffee in no time!

So far, so good! My husband and I both are enjoying the Ninja Coffee Bar. If you’re in the market for a new brewer this is the one!

Instant Pot

Y’all, I got an Instant Pot! These things have been all the rave here where I live in Western Kentucky! Everyone and their mother has one of these things and is always talking about about these fast and delicious meals they’re making on the daily. When it comes to cooking if you add the words fast and delicious in the same sentence with it, COUNT ME IN!

A good friend of mine showed me hers not too long ago when I was at her house for a visit. She showed me all about it, explained how intimidating it was (wow, she was right), yet also explained how once you get the hang of it, it’s like the best thing ever! I was sold and immediately added it to my Christmas list!

We used ours for the first time a couple nights ago and let me tell you, if I could have recored our first experience with that thing, you would literally hurt yourself from laughing so hard. Long story short…the food was DELICIOUS!

We are going to try it again for supper tonight and I am going to write a another blog post later this evening about both experiences and both recipes, too! Ill add the direct link to this section when I have it completed! All in all I am loving this gift and looking forward to all of the deliciousness it’s going to bring the table!

Bissell PowerFresh

This steamer made by Bissell is pretty much the bomb. It’s a great size (not too large), light weight and does a dozen different things! You can clean hardwood, tile, or linoleum! Get your showers, bath tubs, glass shower doors, and even counter tops clean with this bad boy! I also read in the manual that it can be used to clean windows, too! I am going to try it out on my windows one day soon and I’ll be sure to you know how it works out!

Apple Watch Series 4 40mm (sand pink)

This one was actually a gift from my husband. I have debated for quite sometime now on whether or not an Apple Watch would be a good fit for me. After lots of research and talking to numerous friends who have them I decided YES, I needed one. So far, so good! I didn’t request the one that connects to a cellular carrier because it basically serves the same way it would with cellular when it’s connected to wifi or within a certain distance from your iPhone. I love it so far. I can read and respond to texts, answer calls, look at my calendar, log my workouts, see my health stats, check the time (ha), see how many steps I’ve taken, check emails, check my pulse, and set reminders on it! It’s definitely going to be great for my already overly organized lifestyle! I have the BEST husband! xoxo

Patricia Nash Gear

I received the small cross body from my husband (a total surprise) and the larger one from my mother (which I asked for). I love both of them and think they are gorgeous! I am so thrilled to have both of them. I have been eying Patricia Nash’s handbags for a couple years now and knew one day I would have to own one. Now I own two! They’re real leather and are stylish now and will be 100 years from now, too. Those are my favorite kind of accessories! In case you’re wondering…YOU NEED ONE!!

The Cutest Clogs, ever!

Ya’ll these clogs are the bomb. I love them! Every Christmas you better believe when Santa asks for my list there is pretty pair of shoes on it! These are absolutely adorable, are good for any season, I’ve already worn them (they are comfortable), and YES you need a pair!


Another awesome gift I received this Christmas was an Ancestry DNA Kit! My husband received one of these from my mother for his Birthday back in July and every since he did his, I’ve wanted one! Of course I have already done it and sent it back for my results! I’ll make sure and share what I find out when I finally receive my them! I listed the link to the kit I received above along with some other kits I’ve heard good things about! If you think about it, this is a really cool thing! You never know what you could find out about yourself, your family…the results could lead you anywhere! Ha, on second thought… kind of scary, huh?!

I hope you’ve enjoyed hearing about what I got for Christmas! I would love to hear about any cool and awesome gifts anyone else received! Or maybe you can share some awesome gifts you gave to someone special?

All My Love Mallory at Love Ethic! I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and I wish everyone a Happy New Year!

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