Are You Ready For Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day hasn’t always been one of my favorite holidays and honestly, it still isn’t. However, I do enjoy it more now that I have a husband. Anyway’s whether or not I’ve always enjoyed the actual day, I have always enjoyed decorating my home with a little love for the occasion.


Check out some of my Valentine’s Day Decor all DIY and created by yours truly!

DIY Banners

In an earlier  post I showed some garland I made out of felt balls. Last year I made these 2 banners to decorate my home with love for Valentine’s Day. One of them hangs across a mirror in my living room and the other one on a piece of furniture in my dinning room! I used basic craft supplies to make both and both were super easy and quick!

Button Heart & Greenery Heart on Canvas

Both of these pieces of love decor are made on a canvas. One of them I just used painters tape to paint black stripes onto it and then drew a heart onto it and filled it in with red and pink buttons I had. I attached them with a hot glue gun. 

The second one, I just drew a heart onto it and hot glued the greenery onto it. Then I took my letter stamps and stamped “Be Mine” onto it. I refer to this one as my minimalist Valentine’s decor piece, ha! 

Center Piece of LOVE

I always have these candles sticks on my table (They were a wedding gift). The vase full of hearts is my finishing touch for this simple center piece. The hearts in the vase were gifted to me from my mother (who I call the Holiday Queen)! When she gave them to me I had no idea what I would ever do with them but then one day, it just clicked! VASE FILLERS!!

My house is all about love now and ready for Valentine’s Day! I hope some of my DIY decor and ideas inspired you to get busy on some Valentine’s home decor for your home! Share your Valentine’s Day DIY’s with me too, please!

Thank you for being here and reading at Love Ethic! Love to All -Mallory

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