The Perfect DIY for Plant Lovers

The Perfect DIY For Plant Lovers

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How to make Wooden Bead Garland

How to make Garland with Wooden Beads

I see garland made with wooden beads all the time and I think it’s the cutest home decor accent! You can drape it over a plant, on a lamp, over some candle stick or just lay it on shelf by some other things for some added flare. I also even love when I see it hanging on a wall!


I have seen this garland in plenty of stores and websites for sale yet the prices for some of them can be pretty pricey! I decided I would order some wooden beads from Amazon and and strung some cute garland of my own! 

The Link below is a link to the beads I purchased on Amazon which are great for this product. You get 100 beads for a great price and they are great quality beads and I highly recommend them for this project! 

Wooden Craft Beads


Wooden Bead Garland Materials

Now, I made some tassels with some jute and some thread to add some character to some of my garland. I can post a tutorial soon on how to make tassels for anyone who’s interested. To make the actual garland (since this was my first time making some, I tried out a couple different methods) I strung some of the garland on the jute and some on elastic. I made up the patterns as I went and added tassels and wooden tags to some as well. 


I left the wooden tags on them on them blank but what I think would be cute is to stand things them. For example, if it was going to be used on a plant you could stamp the name of the plant or herb onto the tag. You could stamp other sayings onto other garland to suit the purpose of what you’re using it for. See the image below to see one I did stamp. 

Wooden Bead Garland with stamped message
All you need is love garland
Check out my handmade wooden bead garland You can purchase in my Etsy Shop!

Below, check out some of the ways you can incorporate wooden bead garland into your already fab home decor!

Amazon Outlet Deals

Three Recent Crafts from Love Ethic

Three Recent Crafts From Love Ethic

I want to share some recent crafts I’ve made over the Holidays!


All my Cool Christmas Gifts

Checkout What I got for Christmas

All of the links in this article are affiliate links in which if clicked on and purchased, I earn a commission 🙂

I really made a haul this year with some awesome gifts! I have already put all of them to use and can’t wait any longer to share them with you. Christmas is a big deal in my family. Being 1 of 5 children my mother can’t help herself when it comes to “Santa Claus.” Yes, at her house, Santa still comes to see all 5 of her adult children and 4 grandsons! Needless to say, the gifts and love are plentiful on Christmas Day at the house I grew up in. In no specific order let’s get to discussing some of the epic things I was gifted this Christmas, as my mom would say, from Santa!

Ninja Coffee Bar System

Ninja Coffee Bar System

My Husband and I got married in October of 2017. We are both coffee drinkers and of course registered for (at the time) what we thought was a good coffee maker. Unfortunately, the one we requested as a wedding gift didn’t even last the first year of our marriage, ha! 

My husband picked up a cheap one at Walmart shortly afterwards to replace it. The cheap one drove me out of my mind! That thing leaked everywhere on my countertop and made the biggest most unpleasant mess for me to clean up every morning after my husband went to work! Enough is enough! 

Knowing Christmas was approaching, I did lots of research on coffee makers and read hundreds of customer’s reviews. I have always been really attracted to the Keurig coffee makers. I know Keurig is a good brand and people say great things about them but my husband and I’s drawback was the fact you have to use those pods in them to make your coffee. We both decided that wouldn’t be the best option for our household. 

So the more research I did I finally decided the best option for us would be the Ninja Coffee Bar! 




Why I love the Ninja Coffee Bar coffee maker:




  1. It’s easy, makes absolutely no mess, and doesn’t require coffee pods! yay!

  2. You can make iced coffee

  3. There are 6 different brew size settings along with numerous other fancy settings

  4. I love the modern and cool look of it (it matches all of the other black and stainless appliances in our kitchen)

  5. it’s quiet and brews a tasty pot of coffee in no time! 

So far, so good! My husband and I both are enjoying the Ninja Coffee Bar. If you’re in the market for a new brewer this is the one! 


Instant Pot

Instant Pot

Y’all, I got an Instant Pot! These things have been all the rave here where I live in Western Kentucky! Everyone and their mother has one of these things and is always talking about about these fast and delicious meals they’re making on the daily. When it comes to cooking if you add the words fast and delicious in the same sentence with it, COUNT ME IN!


A good friend of mine showed me hers not too long ago when I was at her house for a visit. She showed me all about it, explained how intimidating it was (wow, she was right), yet also explained how once you get the hang of it, it’s like the best thing ever! I was sold and immediately added it to my Christmas list! 

We used ours for the first time a couple nights ago and let me tell you, if I could have recored our first experience with that thing, you would literally hurt yourself from laughing so hard. Long story short…the food was DELICIOUS! 


We are going to try it again for supper tonight and I am going to write a another blog post later this evening about both experiences and both recipes, too! Ill add the direct link to this section when I have it completed! All in all I am loving this gift and looking forward to all of the deliciousness it’s going to bring the table!


Bissell PowerFresh

Bissell Power Fresh Lift-off Pet Steamer

This steamer made by Bissell is pretty much the bomb. It’s a great size (not too large), light weight and does a dozen different things! You can clean hardwood, tile, or linoleum! Get your showers, bath tubs, glass shower doors, and even counter tops clean with this bad boy! I also read in the manual that it can be used to clean windows, too! I am going to try it out on my windows one day soon and I’ll be sure to you know how it works out!

Apple Watch Series 4 40mm (sand pink)

Apple Watch Series 4 40mm

This one was actually a gift from my husband. I have debated for quite sometime now on whether or not an Apple Watch would be a good fit for me. After lots of research and talking to numerous friends who have them I decided YES, I needed one. So far, so good! I didn’t request the one that connects to a cellular carrier because it basically serves the same way it would with cellular when it’s connected to wifi or within a certain distance from your iPhone. I love it so far. I can read and respond to texts, answer calls, look at my calendar, log my workouts, see my health stats, check the time (ha), see how many steps I’ve taken, check emails, check my pulse, and set reminders on it! It’s definitely going to be great for my already overly organized lifestyle! I have the BEST husband! xoxo 

Patricia Nash Gear

Patricia Nash cross bodies

I received the small cross body from my husband (a total surprise) and the larger one from my mother (which I asked for). I love both of them and think they are gorgeous! I am so thrilled to have both of them. I have been eying Patricia Nash’s handbags for a couple years now and knew one day I would have to own one. Now I own two! They’re real leather and are stylish now and will be 100 years from now, too. Those are my favorite kind of accessories! In case you’re wondering…YOU NEED ONE!!

The Cutest Clogs, ever!

Lotta Low Clogs

Ya’ll these clogs are the bomb. I love them! Every Christmas you better believe when Santa asks for my list there is pretty pair of shoes on it! These are absolutely adorable, are good for any season, I’ve already worn them (they are comfortable), and YES you need a pair!


DNA Kits

Another awesome gift I received this Christmas was an Ancestry DNA Kit! My husband received one of these from my mother for his Birthday back in July and every since he did his, I’ve wanted one! Of course I have already done it and sent it back for my results! I’ll make sure and share what I find out when I finally receive my them! I listed the link to the kit I received above along with some other kits I’ve heard good things about! If you think about it, this is a really cool thing! You never know what you could find out about yourself, your family…the results could lead you anywhere! Ha, on second thought… kind of scary, huh?!

I hope you’ve enjoyed hearing about what I got for Christmas! I would love to hear about any cool and awesome gifts anyone else received! Or maybe you can share some awesome gifts you gave to someone special? 

All My Love Mallory at Love Ethic! I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and I wish everyone a Happy New Year!

5 Top-rated Home Surveillance Systems

Home Surveillance

Top Rated Home Surveillance Cameras

It seems like with all the growing technology home surveillance systems are the must have for every home. Having a sense of security and feeling safe when you’re at home or making sure your home is safe while you’re away is a necessity we all long for. Surprisingly enough this kind of luxury comes at a more reasonable cost than some may think. I have taken some time and done my research on some of the best home survaillance system’s on the market. I tried to stay in a reasonable price rage (depending on a households security needs) and read hundreds of reviews on these products to share the best ones (in my opinion) for keeping a safe and secure home. The products I chose can all be purchased on amazon and I will display the direct link to each stayed below.  


[Newest] Wireless Security Camera System

This system can be used indoor or outdoor and has night vision capabilities.

  • Easy & Quick Setup Wireless video security system is easy to setup without any video cables. True plug and play. Connect the NVR and cameras with power-adapter provided. Connect the mouse to NVR. Connect PC/TV monitor to NVR with a VGA/HDMI cable. Connect the router LAN port to NVR WAN port with Ethernet-cable provided. The video will show up. The system builds a more powerful wireless signal coverage and make the connection quick and easy. Working without disturbing your internet speed.
  • Always Stay Connected Wireless surveillance camera system allows you to view the live video remotely anytime and anywhere by Phone and Mac,PC,iPad (available for Android & IOS system). Download free APP “IP PRO” or “Eseecloud” from Android Google play or Apple APP Store. Register an new account, then add device ID. You can view the video by WiFi or 2G/3G/4G network. PC/Laptop view: Windows System: CMS Software. macOS system: MAC macOS Software. Please download from
  • Motion Detection Wireless IP camera system supports Sync-playback, video backup and video detection. You can receive Email Alerts upon motion detection or App Alert when set it up (Noted: please set it up properly to avoid Email blast). Simply record and playback on your mobile devices. Seamlessly stream video directly to your smartphone, tablet and PC. Keep an eye on your belongings anywhere and anytime.


All-new Rig Stick Up Cam
  • This system works with Alexia Devices. Description from Ring below:

  • Monitors indoor or outdoor areas at home in 1080p HD video and night vision with a slim design that mounts almost anywhere
  • Lets you see, hear and speak to people from your phone, tablet or PC
  • Sends notifications to your device as soon as motion is detected
  • Lets you check in on your home any time with Live View on-demand video
  • Works with select Alexa devices to launch real-time video with your voice
  • Connects to the Internet via Wi-Fi or Ethernet
  • Comes with all the tools you need to install and set up your device in minutes



This ANNKE Cam is one of the less expensive systems I chose to share. It’s also compatible with some Alexia devices. Description from ANNKE below:

  • Stunning 1080P HD Footage】ANNKE home security camera pans and tilts to cover every inch of your entire house and stream crystal clear videos to your smartphone, tablet and PC. Thanks to the infrared LEDs, night vision is also outstanding even in the pitch dark.
  • Low Bit Rate Recording】The smart IP camera boasts low bit rate recording and greatly extends the recording time, thus save you more cost in storage. With a 64GB TF card, it can record continuously for 7 days in normal conditions, longer than its previous generation.
  • Work Perfectly with Alexa】Just ask Alexa to show the camera’s live view on your Echo Show or Echo Spot. Thus, you can get a quick way to see what your kids or pets are doing in another room when you are on the go.
  • 【Local and Cloud Storage】The home security camera offers premium cloud storage service. Just email our technical staff at for the activation code, and you can enjoy a 30-day free trial. It also has an optional max 64GB TF card storage, thus safety of information is guaranteed even at the loss of the SD card or network interruption.
  • Smart Auto Tracking & APP Alarm Push】Once a moving object passes in front of the camera lens, it pans to follow the object to track and film its trail, like a smart detective. Meanwhile, instant APP alarm pushes will be sent to you to keep you informed all the time.



CasaCam is a more pricy system but seems to have a lot of amenities. See the description rom CasaCam below:

  • See, hear and speak to people on your property from your 7″ monitor, phone or tablet. Keep track of your property from anywhere at any time. No monthly fees.
  • Spotlights turn on and start recording as soon as motion is detected. 500 Lumen High Brightness white LED equipped with manual, motion and timer activation.
  • 7″ touchscreen monitor with auto, manual and scheduled recording modes. Five seconds pre-record period ensures the event is fully captured. Rechargeable battery and 8GB SD card are included.
  • System supports up to 4 cameras with single, split or quad display.
  • Worry free warranty: We offer a 60-day Money Back Guarantee. If our product stops working in the first year, we will replace it.



This UOKOO Cam is the most inexpensive one on my list. Don’t let the less expensive price tag fool you, though. This little cam has raving reviews and many say, for the money, it’s absolutely a great cam. See UOKOO’s description below:

  • EASY SETUP】Sonic Recognition Technology featuring One Key WiFi Configuration makes setup so quick and easy, .Just plug in the power cable, download the ‘iSmartViewPro’ App and set it up via your Andriod or iPhone smartphone, remote access to the wireless security camera on iPhone/ iPad/ Android phone/ tablet/ MAC/PC, keep an eye on your loves and belongs anywhere anytime.
  • 【MOTION DETECTION】Motion Detection with email or push alert notifications based on motion sensing technology. Motion detection sensibility can be adjusted by your, When the camera detected abnormity or alarm is triggered, instant alarm pictures will be sent via email.
  • 【VERY EASY INSTALLATION】You can put the Mini Security Camera on desk and adjust the viewing angle to your needs or take the plastic part off and put it on the wall with the included screws. Install the home security camera in living room, baby room, office, kitchen. You can monitor every corner of your house. REMOTE ACCESS AND HD 720P VIDEO: Remote access to the camera on Smartphone, Tablet, Mac or Windows PC. Quick Wi-Fi setup via iPhone or Andriod smartphone using


These 5 cams may not be the most expensive money can buy however, those who have purchased them think highly of them and stand by their reliability. If you’re looking to spruce up your home security or gift someone the ability to secure theirs, these system’s seem to work great! The best part?! NONE OF THEM WILL BREAK THE BANK!

Thanks for being here and reading on LovEthic!

Love to ALL


Amazon Echo

How to make these minimalist Tree Ornaments

How to make these minimalist tree ornaments Continue reading “How to make these minimalist Tree Ornaments”

DIY Magnolia Wreath

DIY Magnolia Leaf Wreath
Magnolia Leaf Wreath

This beautiful wreath is very simple to make and looks like a million bucks! I made my Mother and myself one in one afternoon!

What you'll need
foam board

Foam Board

I used foam board to cut my circles out of to use for the form/ structure of my wreath. You can use cardboard, too. I just used what I had (as usual).

Large Mixing Bowls for tracing big circles

I used large mixing bowls to outline the inner and outer circles for my wreath before I cut them out of the foam board I used.

Cut them out

I traced and cut out 2 patterns because I made one for my Mother and myself.

Magnolia Leaves

Fresh Magnolia Leaves

I went out into my Mother's yard and snipped some fresh Magnolia leaves from her Magnolia tree. A lot of people have access to Magnolia trees, they are in a lot of parks and if you have a neighbor or a friend with one, I'm sure they wouldn't mind to let you snip some! You can preserve the leaves the first, however I didn't. Magnolia leaves will last a pretty good while before they dry out too badly and begin to crumble.

  • Silver and Gold Spray Paint
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • 20 to 30 minutes

Once you spray paint some of your leaves silver and gold to add in around your green ones and your hot glue gun is ready and hot you will begin to make your wreath. 

Below is the technique I used to create my wreath

After you get enough leaves glued to your wreath form to complete the look you’re going for (fullness and texture wise) you’re finished! It doesn’t take long to create this beautiful Magnolia leaf wreath and it costs essentially, nothing! If you hang it indoors or if the outside location you choose is shaded, your magnolia leaves will keep longer. Placing in direct sunlight will cause the leaves to die an crumble faster. 

Beautiful DIY Magnolia Leaf Wreath

Mud Pie
Holiday Seasons Pre Big Sale

How to Make Felt Garland

How to make Felt Garland

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Black Friday Deals are HERE

Black Friday Deals are HERE

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Early Black Friday Fashion Deals

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Pre Black Friday Deals!

Check out there PRE Black Friday DEALS for these brands THAT I LOVE from companies I TRUST!

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Check out my sisters Christmas decor!

I am in love with my sisters Christmas decor! Continue reading “Check out my sisters Christmas decor!”

8 DIY Christmas Decor Ideas for Minimalists

DIY Minimalist Decor for the Holidays!

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Where to Find the Best Wrapping Paper this Holiday Season

Check out all of these fabulous wrapping papers that will make all of your gifts stand out this Holiday Season!

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Sweater Trends for 2018

Check out these adorable AND affordable sweater trends for winter 2018!

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How to Make These Leaf dishes in 5 Easy Steps

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Santa Cruz to San Fransisco

Before San Fransisco was Santa Cruz

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One year of marriage landed us on the West Coast

Road trip from San Francisco to Big Sur to Moonstone Beach and everything in between

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DIY Felt Pine Trees


DIY Felt Pine Trees

Between a few things from The Dollar Tree, Wal-Mart and some sticks in the yard I created these adorable Felt Pine Trees for some wintery home decor this season!

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Dollar Tree Succulent Globes

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Easy DIY Santa Wreath

Picture of DIY Santa Wreath

Easy DIY Santa Wreath

You only need 3 materials and 2 crafting supplies for this super cute and super easy Santa wreath!

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Check out These cute Inexpensive gifts

With Christmas right around the corner it’s time to find some cute affordable brands to give to those we love.

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DIY Christmas Frame Decor


Everyone has begged and begged me to bring on the Christmas crafts! I do not like to rush things and it’s not even Halloween yet! However, y’all’ve done it, you’ve worn me down. I decided to kick off my series of Christmas crafts with this DIY Christmas frame. Now that I’ve made one I am planning on doing a video tutorial for the next one so you guys can see it all in action. Continue reading “DIY Christmas Frame Decor”

Cork Pumpkins

Cork Pumpkins

So, I stumbled upon a great deal of corks at my family’s antique store not to long ago. I had no idea what  I was going to use them for but I figured they would come in some kind of crafty use some time or another. As I’ve been blogging about Fall crafts and home decor recently I remembered I had 100’s of corks! I decided to make some pumpkins! Now If you are one of those wine drinkers who is always saving the wine corks, this is the perfect fall craft for you!

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5 Steps to Creating a DIY Succulent Pumpkin

DIY Succulent Pumpkin

This is another one of my Dollar Tree crafts! I love the Fall season and Halloween so of course I can’t stop won’t stop with the fall crafts and DIY Fall decor! Read More

$4 Halloween Wreath

$4 halloween Wreath

I’m at it again with my Dollar Tree finds! I have an old window hanging in my dinning room, I keep a boxwood wreath hanging on it most of the time but during a holiday I obviously like to switch the boxwood wreath for something more festive. I didn’t have one for Halloween until I was at the Dollar Tree the other day and an idea sparked after browsing their Halloween accessories. Read More

3 Steps to the CUTEST DIY Halloween Decor


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Painted Picture Frames Inspired by new Fall color Palette

Painted Picture Frames with New Paint Colors Inspired by the Season

So I went to Hobby Lobby last week to pick up some new Fall paint colors!
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10 Fall Activities to do with Children

10 Fall Activities to do with Children

The Fall season is a busy time for a lot of people, especially people with children. School has started back, football and other school activities begin, homework is the new nightly struggle, and all the other countless obligations are back in full swing.
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Dollar Tree DIY Halloween Wreath

Dollar Tree DIY Halloween Wreath

I love the Dollar Tree! I don’t care how much money I’m ever worth, I will always be a loyal shopper to the Dollar Tree! You can get some of the best deals on craft supply’s and I can honestly say I own a fair amount of decor for every holiday from the Dollar Tree! I mean EVERYTHING is a dollar, you can’t beat it! Read More

DIY Flower Pots

Flower pots are expensive! The only affordable ones are the good old terra-cotta ones that I assume most people have somewhere laying around their house. I did. Even though it’s the time of year most flower pots and gardening essentials are on sale I fought the urge to head out and buy new ones and opted for a DIY project instead. Read More

A DIY Wreath For Any Occasion

A DIY wreath for any occasion that can be done a 100 different ways!

Are wreaths even still a thing? Are they even cool? I wouldn’t even know the popularity status of wreaths because I’m from the south and round here everybody’s got a wreath on every door! It’s more like who can craft the cutest one. Read More

Crafts to get into the Fall spirit

Fall is my favorite season! My Birthday is in October, the weather is ideal and fall clothes are my favorite! Although, it doesn’t matter what time of the year it is because I’m always crafting something up for the current season. Even though it’s the beginning of September and technically fall isn’t official until September 22nd I just couldn’t wait to begin celebrating the fall season with a couple crafty projects! Read More

How a Dress can Inspire Your Appeal

I went to a childhood friend’s wedding over the weekend. The wedding was a beautiful set up on my friend, the groom, Matt’s father’s family farm. The heat was up but so was the fun. Surrounded by old friends from high school and college It was good to celebrate Matt, his new wife, Erica and introduce my husband to several old friends. Read More

2 great years & 2 great parties

And just like that,Rollins is 2.

Rollins is my youngest and 4th nephew, the son of my youngest sister. He was claimed by the world and by many hearts on August 28th 2016- I was there beside my sister the moment he was born. I have never seen anything so beautiful.

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Fashion your style with some classics

I have been obsessed with fashion since I can remember. When I was younger there was no question who had the best dressed barbies in my hood. I had store bought barbie clothes, ones my Nana had made for my mother’s barbies when she was young, and ones crafted by my Nana per my request. I was picky about my own style, too. My mom swears I wore nothing but dresses until almost 2nd grade and you better believe I always had a purse and matching accessories for every ensemble. Read More

making memories into treasures

Our family lost Aunt Pam last October. She left behind her mother, 2 sons, one daughter-In law and 3 grandchildren; 2 boys and a little girl. Aunt Pam loved her family more than anything in this world and she was definitely loved by them. Aunt Pam was so loved,not only by her family, by everyone’s life she touched throughout her short life. Taken from us way too soon I hope everyone who shared love for Pam also shares memories of her love for her children, her grandchildren, her family, her sweet mother, the lake, summertime, baseball, Mayfield Cardinal Football, the beach, God, Christmas, her dogs and the many friends she adored throughout her lifetime. Read More

Stop and Smell the Roses

Sometimes stopping and smelling the roses seems like it’s not option for most of us. We’re all busy, with kids, pets, work, our spouse, our parents, our grandparents or just life in general. Some of us are just bad at time management, period. Yet, despite all of our crazy lives, stopping and smelling the roses is just damn right important. Taking a minute or two to stop, take in, and enjoy all the wonder that surrounds us is best for our souls. Read More

Love and freedom

I want to share a link that leads to a short reading I admire when it comes to politics and especially hits home during something as hurtful as the current situation at the border right now. This link is from the UU College of Social Justice and was written by one of hero’s, Dr. bell hooks. Please click the link below and become inspired by a love ethic. Read More

keep your cake, I’m not eating it

“Embracing love ethic means that we utilize all dimensions of love– “care, commitment, trust, responsibility, respect and knowledge”– in our everyday lives.” -bell hooks

I already had my doubts about cake artist, Jack Phillips when I heard he refused to create a cake for a gay couple back in 2012. I’m part of an entire family of business owners, that being said, I can’t even begin to express the humility I’d hide behind if any of them refused service to someone based on discriminatory acuities. And yes, my family is religious. Read More

5 Netflix Gems

Almost everyone has Netflix nowadays. We’ve all browsed through the thousands of series, movies and documentaries Netflix has to offer, yet we all still want suggestions on which ones are the best. Read More

Convince me to cruise again

So many people scream about their love for going on cruises. It’s so inexpensive! It’s all you can eat and the food is amazing! The excursions at your destination are so fun! It’s the life, the ideal vacation! Read More

3 Resources & 3 Tools for Growers

3 Resources & 3 Tools for Growers

Those who garden have happier lives. I’ve always loved flowers, plants and even trees. When I was a little girl I spent countless hours in the yard with my mother while she worked on her landscaping. Read More

cutting ties with depression

Cutting ties with depression is very different and unique to each person who experiences it. Some never claim defeat over depression and live with it forever. In sharing my own experience , I would like to express my mindfulness in knowing some experience greater difficulties without support while enduring depression. My journey was difficult for me and I am mindful other’s journeys are as well. With respect and love to all others fighting the battle of depression, here’s mine: Read More

5 kitchen appliances I can’t live without

March 20, 2018

We all have special things in our kitchens we use on a daily basis. The idea of not having our most frequented appliances is quite comforting, it is for me, anyway. I wanted to share 5 appliances that I use quite often and offer the resources for you to own them too, if you’re in the market for some new kitchen swag. I would also like to hear what you can’t live without in your kitchen. Maybe there is something out there I would love to have but I just don’t know about it? Let me know what you think. Ask me any questions you might have, as well! Read More

An Easter Gift that keeps on giving

Want to give an Easter gift that keeps on giving? So does John Oliver! Click the Image below to purchase this bestselling children’s book. Not only will you gift a child with an adorable story 2  adorable bunnies, the proceeds from your purchase will go to the following: Read More

Have you ever met one of your favorite authors?

#bellhooks #kentuckywritershalloffame #allaboutlove #loveethic #goodreads #loveethicforeverybody #mallorydublin

Back in January I traveled to Lexington, Kentucky where I got to meet one of my favorite authors, Dr. bell hooks. She was inducted into the Kentucky Writers Hall of Fame on January 31st at the Carnegie Center for Literacy and Learning. Read More

5 tips for keeping your home tidy

March 19, 2018

We are all too accustomed with the struggles of keeping our living space tidy. Whether it’s the unavoidable dirt that surrounds our belongings no matter how often we dust, the toothpaste and hair that collects on our bathroom sinks, counter tops and cabinet doors (for some reason, those of us with children in our homes know toothpaste can actually end up in the most unlikely places), and whether you have kids or not, we’re all too familiar with the cluttered look any single room can acquire out of nowhere. Read More

Why I Love Concrete Countertops

March 14, 2018

The new craze in home renovations, what is it? Concrete counter tops, of course! They are perfect for the person who loves the farmhouse look, the one who seeks more of the modern farmhouse vibe, and for the those who desire a more modern appeal, they work for you, too! You can get concrete counter tops in several different shades and what really gives them the look you desire is the edge you choose.
My older sister and her husband recently bought a new house. My sister immediately arranged to remove a wall (between the kitchen and the Livingroom) and set out to give the kitchen a complete remodel. She redid all of the flooring and replaced it with a high grade and dark color hardwood. Next, she got all new stainless-steel appliances. She decided to keep the original cabinetry but had it painted white and applied new hardware. At that point, she had recessed lighting installed in addition to some new hanging fixtures for flare (and function). By removing a wall, she was able to reorganize the kitchen floorplan a bit. She placed a huge island in the center of the kitchen that’s functional for more counterspace as well as an area at the end for seating where her family can enjoy meals. I love this aspect of the new look because it eliminates the need for a kitchen table. Being kind of minimalist, not having to place a table with chairs around it somewhere is ideal for me. Nevertheless, she does have a formal dining room where a table surrounded with chairs lives. When she does host people or have dinner parties, she’ll always have that to fall back on for more spacious and formal seating.
To seal the kitchen’s new look, she chose to have concrete countertops installed. They fit in lovely with the other renovations and look better than I ever imagined. Let’s face it, we’ve all heard about concrete countertops, we’ve seen pictures of them on Pinterest and have watched them created on some of HGTV’s shows but, how many of us have actually seen them in someone’s home we know? After all, they are kind of a new thing.
Below are some photos from my sister’s progress with her kitchen renovation. I really wanted to share these because, the little interior design work I do, people are always asking about them. People always want to know what I think about them. I think they’re very unique and I think they can work for any look you’re going for depending on the shade and edge you choose. I hope you enjoy these photos and they shed some light on concrete countertops and their appeal. And, yes, they’re functional!

3 DIY projects for Easter

Continue reading “3 DIY projects for Easter”

4 Questions I’m asked most from Bride’s to be

March 12, 2018


I just got married in October of 2017. I have been happily married ever since however, my husband I are still paying for our wedding. Did my parents pay for my wedding? Yes, they contributed (a great deal actually). But the truth of the matter is, I, along with my parents had no idea everything “wedding” costed a small fortune. Read More

My hardships as a woman and what makes them better

March 8, 2018 International Women’s Day

What better day to share my womanhood struggles and what makes them better? International Women’s Day has been recognized on March 8th in every country since the early 1900’s. It honors the continuous movement for women’s rights. There are numerous social issues women face, even today, in every single country on the planet. Even living in what some call the best country in the world also known as the land of the free, as an American woman, I feel oppressed every single day. Read More

What a morning

Wednesday March 7th 2018

This morning I already have my car in the shop. Seems as though I need a new oxygen sensor. get this…I took it in last week to the dealership where I bought my car and they wanted $120 dollars to do a diagnostic test on it (you know the thing you can go to Auto Zone and get for FREE)! I told them no thanks and actually went to Auto Zone and got the free diagnostic test they have. That’s when I learned an oxygen senor was most likely my problem. The dealership quoted the fix at $800 however Read More

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me! I have wanted to start a blog for a long time. There are so many things to blog about. I love to paint, do diy projects, travel, discover new things, garden, hike, read books, spend time with people I love and numerous other things I am excited to share my experiences about! I also do the not so fun things like cleaning and laundry. And I experience the not so fun things in life too, like death, debt, my car breaks down sometimes, the hard parts of marriage (even though most parts of marriage are really great) and these experiences are worth sharing too! Read More