Making Your Time Count

The way we spend our time shapes who we are and contributes to our happiness and well being.

Three Recent Crafts from Love Ethic

I have been patiently waiting to share these crafts with you! Since almost all of my Christmas gifts were handmade this year, I had to wait until after Christmas and all of them were gifted before I could share them! Happy crafting and let me know what you think!

All my Cool Christmas Gifts

Check out some of these awesome products I received for Christmas gifts this year!

Home Surveillance

5 Top-rated Home Surveillance Systems

with all the growing technology home surveillance systems are the must have for every home. Having a sense of security and feeling safe when you’re at home or making sure your home is safe while you’re away is a necessity we all long for. Surprisingly enough this kind of luxury comes at a more reasonable cost than some may think. I have taken some time and done my research on some of the best home survaillance system’s on the market. I tried to stay in a reasonable price rage (depending on a households security needs) and read hundreds of reviews on these products to share the best ones (in my opinion) for keeping a safe and secure home.

Pre Black Friday Deals!

Lov-E-thic Check out there PRE Black Friday DEALS for these brands THAT I LOVE from companies I TRUST!

10 Fall Activities to do with Children

Lov-E-thic 10 Fall Activities to do with Children The Fall season is a busy time for a lot of people, especially people with children. School has started back, football and other school activities begin, homework is the new nightly struggle, and all the other countless obligations are back in full swing.

2 great years & 2 great parties

Lov-E-thic And just like that,Rollins is 2. Rollins is my youngest and 4th nephew, the son of my youngest sister. He was claimed by the world and by many hearts on August 28th 2016- I was there beside my sister the moment he was born. I have never seen anything so beautiful.

making memories into treasures

Lov-E-thic Our family lost Aunt Pam last October. She left behind her mother, 2 sons, one daughter-In law and 3 grandchildren; 2 boys and a little girl. Aunt Pam loved her family more than anything in this world and she was definitely loved by them. Aunt Pam was so loved,not only by her family, by

5 Netflix Gems

5 things on Netflix I’ve really enjoyed!

4 Questions I’m asked most from Bride’s to be

Lov-E-thic March 12, 2018 I just got married in October of 2017. I have been happily married ever since however, my husband I are still paying for our wedding. Did my parents pay for my wedding? Yes, they contributed (a great deal actually). But the truth of the matter is, I, along with my parents