3 DIY Ideas for Valentine’s Day Decor

Check out these was and Cheap DIY’s for Valentine’s Day decor!

Three Recent Crafts from Love Ethic

I have been patiently waiting to share these crafts with you! Since almost all of my Christmas gifts were handmade this year, I had to wait until after Christmas and all of them were gifted before I could share them! Happy crafting and let me know what you think!

How to make these minimalist Tree Ornaments

You’ll love these DIY minimalist tree ornaments! They are super easy to make and are great for gifting to family and friends during the holiday season!

DIY Magnolia Leaf Wreath

DIY Magnolia Wreath

I am so proud to share this beautiful DIY Magnolia leaf wreath I made with everyone and how easy it is to make one!

How to Make Felt Garland

After seeing some adorable felt garland while shopping I knew how easy it would be to make it myself! it’s so easy and fun to make DIY felt garland!

8 DIY Christmas Decor Ideas for Minimalists

8 simple and inexpensive Holiday decor crafts every minimalist needs to see!

DIY Felt Pine Trees

Lov-E-thic   DIY Felt Pine Trees Between a few things from The Dollar Tree, Wal-Mart and some sticks in the yard I created these adorable Felt Pine Trees for some wintery home decor this season!

Picture of DIY Santa Wreath

Easy DIY Santa Wreath

Lov-E-thic Easy DIY Santa Wreath You only need 3 materials and 2 crafting supplies for this super cute and super easy Santa wreath!

DIY Christmas Frame Decor

A darling piece of DIY Christmas decor easy enough for anyone to make!

Cork Pumpkins

Lov-E-thic Cork Pumpkins So, I stumbled upon a great deal of corks at my family’s antique store not to long ago. I had no idea what  I was going to use them for but I figured they would come in some kind of crafty use some time or another. As I’ve been blogging about Fall

5 Steps to Creating a DIY Succulent Pumpkin

Lov-E-thic DIY Succulent Pumpkin This is another one of my Dollar Tree crafts! I love the Fall season and Halloween so of course I can’t stop won’t stop with the fall crafts and DIY Fall decor!

$4 Halloween Wreath

Lov-E-thic $4 halloween Wreath I’m at it again with my Dollar Tree finds! I have an old window hanging in my dinning room, I keep a boxwood wreath hanging on it most of the time but during a holiday I obviously like to switch the boxwood wreath for something more festive. I didn’t have one

3 Steps to the CUTEST DIY Halloween Decor


Dollar Tree DIY Halloween Wreath

Lov-E-thic Dollar Tree DIY Halloween Wreath I love the Dollar Tree! I don’t care how much money I’m ever worth, I will always be a loyal shopper to the Dollar Tree! You can get some of the best deals on craft supply’s and I can honestly say I own a fair amount of decor for

An Easter Gift that keeps on giving

Lov-E-thic Want to give an Easter gift that keeps on giving? So does John Oliver! Click the Image below to purchase this bestselling children’s book. Not only will you gift a child with an adorable story 2  adorable bunnies, the proceeds from your purchase will go to the following:

3 DIY projects for Easter