How to make these minimalist Tree Ornaments

You’ll love these DIY minimalist tree ornaments! They are super easy to make and are great for gifting to family and friends during the holiday season!

DIY Magnolia Leaf Wreath

DIY Magnolia Wreath

I am so proud to share this beautiful DIY Magnolia leaf wreath I made with everyone and how easy it is to make one!

How to Make Felt Garland

After seeing some adorable felt garland while shopping I knew how easy it would be to make it myself! it’s so easy and fun to make DIY felt garland!

How to Make These Leaf dishes in 5 Easy Steps

These adorable DIY leaf dishes are made from polymer clay and leaves from the yard! It only takes these 5 easy steps and you can make some of your own in no time!

Dollar Tree Succulent Globes


Painted Picture Frames Inspired by new Fall color Palette

Lov-E-thic Painted Picture Frames with New Paint Colors Inspired by the Season So I went to Hobby Lobby last week to pick up some new Fall paint colors!

DIY Flower Pots

Lov-E-thic Flower pots are expensive! The only affordable ones are the good old terra-cotta ones that I assume most people have somewhere laying around their house. I did. Even though it’s the time of year most flower pots and gardening essentials are on sale I fought the urge to head out and buy new ones

A DIY Wreath For Any Occasion

Lov-E-thic A DIY wreath for any occasion that can be done a 100 different ways! Are wreaths even still a thing? Are they even cool? I wouldn’t even know the popularity status of wreaths because I’m from the south and round here everybody’s got a wreath on every door! It’s more like who can craft

Crafts to get into the Fall spirit

Lov-E-thic Fall is my favorite season! My Birthday is in October, the weather is ideal and fall clothes are my favorite! Although, it doesn’t matter what time of the year it is because I’m always crafting something up for the current season. Even though it’s the beginning of September and technically fall isn’t official until

3 Resources & 3 Tools for Growers

Lov-E-thic 3 Resources & 3 Tools for Growers Those who garden have happier lives. I’ve always loved flowers, plants and even trees. When I was a little girl I spent countless hours in the yard with my mother while she worked on her landscaping.

5 kitchen appliances I can’t live without

Lov-E-thic March 20, 2018 We all have special things in our kitchens we use on a daily basis. The idea of not having our most frequented appliances is quite comforting, it is for me, anyway. I wanted to share 5 appliances that I use quite often and offer the resources for you to own them

5 tips for keeping your home tidy

Lov-E-thic March 19, 2018 We are all too accustomed with the struggles of keeping our living space tidy. Whether it’s the unavoidable dirt that surrounds our belongings no matter how often we dust, the toothpaste and hair that collects on our bathroom sinks, counter tops and cabinet doors (for some reason, those of us with

Why I Love Concrete Countertops

Lov-E-thic March 14, 2018 The new craze in home renovations, what is it? Concrete counter tops, of course! They are perfect for the person who loves the farmhouse look, the one who seeks more of the modern farmhouse vibe, and for the those who desire a more modern appeal, they work for you, too! You

3 DIY projects for Easter