Check out my Eggcellent DIY Wreath

This wreath turned out so cute! Originally I was making an actual Easter wreath and was going to paint all of the eggs different colors. However, as I was getting ready to paint the eggs I thought…Why should I make this just for Easter use? I’ll make it for Spring use! Something I can use for the whole season! That’s when I decided to paint all the eggs blue! See exactly how I created this EGGcellent Wreath below! 

What I used

  1. 12 to 14 plastic Easter eggs
  2. Tissue paper (cut into squares) pictured above
  3. Mod Podge
  4. Moss or Green floral filling grass
  5. wire wreath
  6. Paint for eggs (different colors or same)
  7. paint brushes
  8. hot glue gun
  9. Dark and Clear wax (for my technique however you can use dry brushing to achieve the same look)
  10. A pair of rubber gloves


What I did first was take the wire wreath and used the hot glue gun to glue the green grass onto the wreath. I just began putting glue all over the wire wreath and carefully began pressing the grass onto it. I covered both sides of the wreath with the grass for a fuller look. see pictures below. 

Then I had to clean up that mess before I could continue!


After I cleaned up my mess from covering the wire wreath with the green grass, I sat the wreath aside and grabbed all the eggs, the mod podge and a pant brush along with the square pieces of tissue paper I cut. I crinkled up the pieces of tissue paper so that they would have even more texture when I mod lodged them onto each egg. 

I took my paint brush, dipped it into the mod podge and began painting some onto the first egg and then placed the tissue paper onto the egg. I did this for all of the eggs and then wiped some more mod podge over the tissue paper once each egg was covered. see photos below. 


After the mod podge dries (if you’re inpatient like me, you can get the blowdryer out and help the drying process along)! Next you’ll choose the paint color you want your eggs. You can obviously choose whatever color you want, you can use different colors for each egg, make a pattern, or you can choose to do like I did and just one color for all of your eggs. Paint your eggs! See pictures below.


This next step is OPTIONAL but I thought t it would add a little dimension to my eggs. This is where I used dark Annie sloan wax along with another brand clear way I have on hand to wax the eggs. I used the rudder gloves to wipe the wax on with my finger tips. You use the dark wax first and then the clear wax last to tone down the dark. See images below. 


Once you get the clear wax onto each egg take a rag and wipe it off. this will help rub the wax into the egg and wipe away the dark wax leaving the egg with a distressed look and smooth feel.


To complete this project, lastly, you will take the wreath (I used the back of the actual wire wreath as my “front” where I hot glued my eggs on). So, get your hot glue gun and begin to glue your eggs onto your wreath. I laid all of mine on there before actually gluing them so I could place them accordantly. 


NOTE: I decided I wanted to speckle my eggs. This is a look you can achieve with a paint brush or a fan brush! If you have questions on how to actually achieve this technique, just ask, I’ll be glad to show you. I’ll try and post a video tutorial for how this is done as soon as I get the video portion of my site up and running! (Hopefully one day soon)!


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