Check out my sisters Christmas decor!

I am in love with my sisters Christmas decor!

Not too long ago my sister and I were thrifting at a local shop in our hometown. We found 4 huge pieces that had been part Christmas tree at one time. I guess when they broke whoever owned them dropped them to donate. My sister and I thought for 75 cents a piece we could surly make some pretty garland put them. You could tell the broken pieces had once been a part of huge beautiful and expensive Christmas tree.

Mine stayed in the back of my SUV for about a week but last weekend I was at my Sisters house and I almost died when I saw what’d she done with her pieces! The garland she made was GORGEOUS!

Is that beautiful or what?!

She did an amazing job with this piece and I am totally in love with the eucalyptus and huge pieces of holly she incorporated! Stunning!

While I was there I also snapped a few shots of some other decor she had out

Emiley is my middle sister and she lives in a beautiful loft atop of an old building. It’s huge and so much fun to decorate and play in! I just love everything about my sisters home, especially during the holidays!

Thanks for being here and reading at LovEthic! I just had to share these adorable decorations, they are absolutely gorgeous! Now, I can’t share my Christmas decor with y’all yet because I’m not one of those crazy people who puts up Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving! 😉

Love to ALL -Mallory

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