Check out These cute Inexpensive gifts

With Christmas right around the corner it’s time to find some cute affordable brands to give to those we love.

I’m a big online shopper. I love to support local businesses, heck, I have my own business! However, my business, like many others these days can be supported online. Everyone who makes a purchase from an Etsy shop is supporting a small business owner (sometimes they may not be local yet supporting small businesses is just as good).

My husband and I always try to begin our Christmas shopping in October. Since we both have large families and a lot of people to buy gifts for beginning our shopping frenzy in October helps us accomplish getting everyone the right gift as well as helps us out financially.

Since becoming a blogger in early March of 2018

I have really enjoyed my new job. Being a blogger is a lot more work than you may think especially if you’re trying to do it to make money! There are numerous ways to make money blogging yet none of them are exactly easy or fast. As I’ve mentioned, I began blogging in March and I can’t say I have any profits to brag about. Although, I am here to tell you that one day I will!

Affiliate Marketing

is one of the ways bloggers can monetize their sites. I have joined a ew affiliate marketing programs since becoming a blogger but haven’y actually placed too many companies ads on my site. I felt it was important to generate some quality content and build some kind of relationship with my readers before I placed options for revenue on my site.

With that being said,I have been searching my affiliate marketing products and deciding which products I would like to offer my readers! I have recently found one I absolutely love! Its a company called, Pura Vida Bracelets.

I believe their products are absolutely darling and absolutely adorable. I don’t know a chick in this world who wouldn’t adore something from this site as a gift.

I love to gift people jewelry because it’s something they can actually use (wear) again and again; year after year!

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