Convince me to cruise again

So many people scream about their love for going on cruises. It’s so inexpensive! It’s all you can eat and the food is amazing! The excursions at your destination are so fun! It’s the life, the ideal vacation!
My husband and I recently went on our first cruise. We live in Kentucky so we flew to Orlando, Florida, rented a car, drove to Cocoa Beach (about 45 minutes from Orlando) to stay the night so we could be at Port Canaveral the next day to board our first cruise ship; the Carnival Liberty. We chose a 3 day cruise being it was our first one and we didn’t know if we would like it. Would we get sea sick? Would we feel confined? We had feelings of caution but excitement, too! Our ship was setting sail to the Bahamas! My husband has been to the Bahamas once, I’d never been.

As we arrived at Port Canaveral the boarding process was a breeze (my husband purchased the “fast to the fun” package which means we got to go to the front of every line for the entirety of our trip) the entire boarding process took less than 15 minutes. When we stepped on to the boat we were both wowed! It was very nice and we both agreed it was just like being inside an actual building.

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As we made our way to our cabin our perception changed; it was nice yet had a different feel. Our room was nice, we reserved a balcony room. It was on the 10th floor! -The 10th floor…on a boat!- Blew my mind!

That bed may look comfortable but it was not! Ha! I didn’t get a photo of the bathroom but have you ever been inside a bathroom in a camper? It’s just like that! Not spacious at all. We were pleased with everything about our room. After all, we were on a cruise boat and we knew what we’d signed up for.

So, did I mention it had been raining since the wheels on our plane hit the runway in Orlando? Oh, and did I mention it rained the entire duration of our cruise? It was so cloudy we never even set eyes on one sunset. The day we were in the Bahamas, the sun peeked through for about an hour making time for a little vacation sun- tanning. No big deal, we made the best of it!

Our first night on the boat was a lot of exploring. We checked out everything! There was a couple swimming pools, a water slide, a few restaurants, some bars, a Casino, and some form of live entertainment happening all the time. The staff was very friendly and always willing to answer any questions we had and help out in any way they could!

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If you notice: there’s no one in these photos. It rained so hard and so frequent that everyone on board congregated in the covered areas…making it a tight ship!

Despite the rain and oh, my sea sickness…

Those are sea bands, real cute, I know.

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I also have several friends who say these bands were useful during their pregnancies for morning sickness and nausea.

We arrived in the Bahamas the next morning and off the ship we went, looking for adventure and ready to explore. My husband and I are explorers! We are very curious people who usually don’t talk a lot except to ask sometimes (a lot) of questions. Ha! We decided not to book a land excursion due to the weather so, instead we explored on foot, got a map and found a beach to lay on for that 1 hour of sunshine.

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We saw a lot of cool things in Nassau! There is something about Island life my husband and I both adore. We walked, shopped, and even found a really awesome local ice cream shop; it was delicious! We had to be back on Carnival Liberty by 4 PM. Sailing away from the Bahamas and its pretty clear ocean water wasn’t that awesome but the views were…

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Once we were back on board we were back to basics…

The next day (the worst day) is what’s called “day at sea” and that means you’re on the boat, no matter what, all damn night and all damn day.

I have 1 word: Awful.

I was sea sick, it poured rain, We were crowded, and worst for us, we felt confined. It was bad. We roamed that boat and invented as many things we could to keep ourselves occupied. We actually took a nap and my husband NEVER takes naps!

By the evening we decided to have dinner early so we could see a show around 8PM. For dinner every night we went to the nice sit down dinning-rooms and I’m so glad we did because it was always delicious. The food really is great.

The show we saw was called “America Rocks” and we both enjoyed it. It was so bad, it was good. They handed out free glow sticks and everyone in attendance received a free “America Rocks” handkerchief! Obviously we will get good use out of those. Unfortunately the show was on the bottom level of the ship and due to the excessive rain and wind and my ability to feel extremely sick from it; everything was downhill from there.

All in all we really had a good time at the show, the name itself says it all.

After a few more cocktails and some people watching my husband and I were off to bed with sweet dreams of stepping foot on solid ground. But first, my mini break down from the worst sea sickness of the trip. Thank god my husband is a pharmacist and had just what I needed. I didn’t think I was going to make it.

Morning came and once again the “fast to the fun” package came in clutch; we were first in line to get off the ship.

Maybe it would have been smoother sailing for us had the rain and the wind not been so persistent. Without the outdoor areas being off limits making the situation of confinement even worse. All unpleasant aspects aside, I love being with my husband; I’d go anywhere with him and we’d do anything together. No matter where we are or how far away we are from our roots…all I have to do is look into that sweet man’s eyes and I’m home.

Please leave comments about your own cruise experiences, I would love to hear! Thanks for reading about mine! -Mallory Lov-E-ethic

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