Crafts to get into the Fall spirit

Fall is my favorite season! My Birthday is in October, the weather is ideal and fall clothes are my favorite! Although, it doesn’t matter what time of the year it is because I’m always crafting something up for the current season. Even though it’s the beginning of September and technically fall isn’t official until September 22nd I just couldn’t wait to begin celebrating the fall season with a couple crafty projects!
What you’ll need:

  1. Styrofoam pumpkins (If you think you saw these at the Dollar Tree you’re exactly right!)
  2. Chalkboard Paint (This is a paint I ran into at Wal-Mart once and have used it on numerous projects and its been great!)
  3. Paint Brushes (you can purchase paint brushes at any craft store or even Wal-Mart or Target!)
  4. Black Chalk or acrylic paint (I used chalk paint because it sticks to basically any material without issue but you can get the same effect with acrylic paint as long as it’s a good brand of acrylic.)
  5. Thrift store finds! (thrift store finds are always great crafting projects) I found the serving tray pictured above at a local thrift shop where I live.

Pumpkins with a purpose

Lets start with these Dollar Tree pumpkins:

  1. Take your paint brushes and your black chalk or acrylic paint and paint one coat onto your Styrofoam pumpkins. 
  2. Once the coat of chalk or acrylic paint is dry then coat each pumpkin with your black chalkboard paint. Let dry completely.

Once all of your pumpkin have dried after applying chalkboard paint you can place a message with chalk onto them or you can add a little flare first before applying a message like I did!

I got some burlap looking twine and made some bows for the top of each of my pumpkins and then I just glued them on with a hot glue gun, easy peasy!

A tray for any occasion

The next thing I did was get out that old serving tray I found at a local thrift shop. Even though I created this tray from my Fall desires, truth be told, it will serve for any occasion (no pun intended)!

  1. Go to your local thrift shop or Good Will and snag a tray (I almost always see some type of serving tray when I go thrifting).
  2. Depending on what the tray is made out of and what’s painted on it or on in general when you purchase it will depend on whether or not you need to apply an acrylic or chalk paint before applying the chalkboard paint. Fortunately in my situation a base coat wasn’t necessary.
  3. Paint the dang thing!
  4. Let it dry!
  5. Add a second coat of the chalkboard paint if you think necessary (in my case I did apply 2 coats of the chalkboard paint).
  6. Let dry!
  7. Chalk it up!
  8. CUTE, HUH?!!

I hope you find these simple and inexpensive crafts worth a try! They are fun to do with children, also! I know for a fact I will be crafting some more fall items in the near future and you better believe I’m going to share them with you and show you how to do them every step of the way! Thanks for being here and being a part of LovEthic for Everybody!

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