Discover a new idea for an old Frame

A New Idea For That Old Frame You Have Laying Around

I have a bunch of old larger frames that I’ve had for a while. some of them I couldn’t tell you where I acquired them and others my husband’s father gets at auctions and brings them to me because he knows I am a crafty gal. Either way, the other day I had an idea to put one of them to use. I had some greenery laying around, a small wreath and of course, several large frames to choose from. keep reading to see what I did! 

What you’ll need

  1. A large frame (the one I used was a bit larger than an 8×10 because of the size wreath I was using) the size frame you use will really depend more on the size wreath you use
  2. Some greenery or Flowers to stick around your wreath
  3. some paint to paint the frame
  4. a hot glue gun
  5.  Some twine to attach the wreath to the frame


First take your wreath and stick the greenery or flowers around it the way you like. Once you have completed it, just set it aside. 


Now that your wreath is complete, get out the paint color you chose, a paint brush and paint your frame. I had to paint 2 coats of paint on my frame. See below the color I chose. 


Once your frame is painted and dried plug your hot glue in and get out the twine. Take the twine and make a large loop (to loop it in a knot to the wreath with) with excess on the end to wrap around the center top of the frame so the wreath will hang from the top of the frame and be in the center. Use the hot glue gun to hold the twine in place gluing it only on the backside of the frame where it won’t been seen. 

Now that you’ve completed the creation process it’s time to find the perfect stop for it in your home! I hope you enjoyed this DIY and Thank YOU ALL so much being here and reading about my crafts on my blog! Love to all -Mallory

You can hang it on a wall

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