DIY Bunny Garland

DIY Vintage Book Page Garland

What can I say? I love garland and I love coming up with new ideas for every holiday and event for new garland! After covering some Easter eggs with some vintage book pages this year, I sparked the idea to make some vintage book page bunnies that turned out to be the most darling Easter/Spring garland!

What I used

  1. some card stock
  2. a pen or pencil
  3. some book pages
  4. some glue and mod podge
  5. scissors
  6. pom poms for bunny tails
  7. paint brush
  8. hole punch
  9. twine
  10. wooden beads



Either cut out a bunny print out from google images or use whatever you have to trace it on to your book pages. I used a foam bunny from a package I found at the Dollar Tree. 

I cut out 6 bunnies because that’s how many pom poms I had on hand


Cut the bunnies out 


Lay your card stock out and take the glue and glue the bunnies onto the card stock. Once you have glued all the bunnies onto the card stock take the mod podge and use the paint brush to paint over all the bunnies. You’ll need to wait for them to dry before proceeding onto the next step. I used a blow dryer to help the drying process along and to save time. 


Once the bunnies are dry, take the scissors and cut them out. Now, take the hole punch and make 2 holes on each bunny at the tops of their ears like the picture below. 


Take the hot glue gun and glue the bunny tails onto each bunny so you can begin to string them onto the twine.


String the bunnies onto the twine. You can use wooden beads for spacers or not! You may also choose to tie pretty Easter ribbon between your bunnies for spacers. I chose wooden beads because I had them on hand and thought they would be cute. I tied knots on each side of each bead I used so it would stay in place on the twine (it’s easy). 


Once you’ve strung your garland the way you want (with or without spacers) don’t forget to tie the twine off at each end making a loop on each side for hanging! 

See below for how mine turned out. 

I hope you love this Vintage Book Page Bunny Garland as much as I do and I hope even more, you have fun making some of your own for this Easter Season! If you do end up making some of your own please post comments and pictures about your experience! Thank you for being here and reading! Love to All!

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