DIY: Centerpiece made with a wreath

Having a centerpiece that grabs some attention is a great way to add some flare to your kitchen or dinning room! I know when you see them in stores they’re not exactly the least expensive thing you can buy. However, I have created a DIY centerpiece that wasn’t either, expensive or hard to make! Keep reading to see what I did! 


  • A wreath
  • hot glue gun
  • greenery or florals you want to use
  • accent pieces (mine are birds I purchased from Hobby Lobby when their Easter decor went 90% off).

How I did it!


First, I took the wreath and began placing the greenery and florals I wanted to use around it using the hot glue when necessary. 


Once I had the greenery and floral accents placed around the wreath where I wanted, I hot the accent birds I scored at Hobby Lobby for next to nothing and used to the hot glue gun to place them around the wreath. 


Once you have everything attached, you can then place it on a table, a buffet, an end table, coffee table, or even place it onto something outside on a covered patio or sun porch! Once you place the centerpiece where you think it looks best, you can place something in the center of it.Here are some examples below…

That’s it! Pretty simple for something so cute, huh?

Thank you for being here and reading on Love Ethic! Love to all Mallory!

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