DIY Christmas Frame Decor


Everyone has begged and begged me to bring on the Christmas crafts! I do not like to rush things and it’s not even Halloween yet! However, y’all’ve done it, you’ve worn me down. I decided to kick off my series of Christmas crafts with this DIY Christmas frame. Now that I’ve made one I am planning on doing a video tutorial for the next one so you guys can see it all in action.

What you’ll need:

A picture frame with the backing and glass removed. I chose this 8X10 one pictured above. You can find frames for next to nothing at almost any thrift store.

  • Paint (in my case red)
  • Polycrylic or wax (to seal the paint)
  • A paint brush
  • Hot glue gun

Twine for hanging the ornaments.

You’ll also need some ribbon (to make the bow for the top) and some ornaments (of your choice) All of which I got at the Dollar Tree!



Take the frame you chose with the backing and the glass removed and paint it. As you can see and because it’s for Christmas, I used red paint.

I painted 2 coats of red and then decided I wanted it a littler brighter so grabbed another one of my red paints and painted a 3rd coat of that red shade on my frame.


I chose polycrylic rather than wax for this craft because I wanted the shiny look polycrylic gives.


This is when I plugged in the hot glue gun. While the hot glue gun was warming up I took the ribbon I chose and made the bow for the top.

***I am going to make some video tutorials on bow making, so keep a look out!***

Place your bow aside and move to the next step.Four Now choose the ornaments you’d like to use and take the twine and string it through the top and knot it. Leave enough twine before cutting it for hanging from the frame.


Take the hot glue gun and glue the dangling end of twine from each ornament to the back of the frame to make the design you’re going for. Once I had all of mine glued onto the back I didn’t exactly think it looked that great (even though it was on the back).

So I took some of the same ribbon I made the bow with and cut a piece, laid it flat, folded it in half, ran hot glue across it and glued it together. I then took it and glued it across the back of the frame over where I had glued the twine along the top.

I thought this was a better look!


Lastly, take the hot glue gun and glue the bow onto the front of the frame!

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How darling?!


Thanks for being here and reading at LovEthic! Love to all -Mallory


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