DIY Easter Bunny on Canvas

DIY Easter Bunny on Canvas

The other day I was at my Nana’s house (the one I’ve always been inspired by to be creative and also learned most of my artistic skills from). She had made me a gift for the upcoming Easter Holiday. She made me this darling bunny pictured below!

I loved it so much, I asked her to teach me how she made it! Once she explained all of her techniques to me, I decided I would make a smaller simpler version to share on my blog as DIY so that anyone else who thinks this is as adorable as I do, can make one to display in their home this Easter! 

What you’ll need

 A canvas (size is up to you)

A piece of thick card stock or you can use cardboard

A piece of fabric (I used some I had on hand)

A bunny pattern  print out (I found mine on Google images and printed from there)

Lace, white fur ball and some twine (materials I used to add flare to my bunny) Once you see mine, you’ll see you don’t have to use exactly what I did (however if you do that’s awesome, too) I just figure most people will use what they have laying around like I did

Some paint (paint your canvas the color of your choice) I chose a light gray

A paint brush

some scissors

Elmer’s glue and some water, a small container to mix them in (I used a very small plastic cup)

A hot glue gun and a blow dryer


paint the canvas

My canvas painted light gray

TWO Take the card stock and glue the piece of the fabric you chose onto it.
By doing so, you will smear glue all over the paper and then place and press the fabric onto it ( I used an old credit card).

THREE Now turn it over to the side of the card stock, take your bunny cutout and trace it too the back and then cut it out (neatly).

FOUR Set the bunny aside. Next I took a piece of lace and cut it to attach to the canvas. You mix some Elmer’s glue in a small container and add some water (just a dab so it spreads well) and stir with a paint brush. then put a light coat of the glue/water mix onto the canvas with your paint brush and then place the lace in its designated spot. Take your mixture again and paint it over on top of the lace. Take a blow dryer and blow until it begins to dry. You may have to stop and run your fingers over certain areas if you see bubbles during the drying process.

FIVE Turn your bunny cut out over to the paper side and put Elmer’s glue onto it. Place it on the canvas where you want it displayed. Take the paint brush and the Elmer’s glue water mix and paint it over the bunny and the lace and actually the entire canvas again. This way there are no color differences in the consistency of the canvas.

SIX plug the hot glue gun in and get the twine or whatever you want to boarder your bunny with (don’t boarder it all if you don’t want to). I bordered mine in a light color of twine that I had on hand. I just used a small tip hot glue gun and went carefully around the edges placing the twine along the edges of my bunny (I went around 2 times). Take your fluffy fur tail (or whatever you choose to use as a tail) and use the hot glue gun to place it on the bunny! You could also use a flower or a large jewel or anything you can think of to be creative with you bunny tail!

This is an extra step that I came up with along the way. I took the edge piece from cutting out my bunny once it was glued to the fabric and I made some Easter eggs to place on my canvas, as well.

Then I added them to the canvas the same way I did the bunny (except I used hot glue to attach the eggs). I added a boarder around the eggs (like I did around the bunny).


Thank you for reading about my DIY bunny on canvas. I hope you decide to make a version of your own! If you do PLEASE post pictures to this post so I can see where your creativity takes you for this project! 

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