3 Steps to the CUTEST DIY Halloween Decor


I have had the same Halloween decor for years. I know you only use it once a year but I still like to change things up every once in a while but without spending a lot of money! Learn in this post how I made some really cute DIY Halloween decor for my home. These decor pieces would look great in anyone’s home!

What I used

I almost always use things I already have around my craft room to create new and different holiday decor. I have a collection of items I’ve picked up at thrift stores and yard sales over time that I use to put my creativity into motion. This time I got out some:

  1. old wooden picture frames
  2. some doilies
  3. paint
  4. paint brushes and then
  5. I went to the Dollar Tree (only one of my favorite places to shop for crafting accessories) and picked up some of those plastic spider rings that have been a popular Halloween item for years!

Step 1

First I prepared the frames for a paint job by removing the backings and the glass from them. I painted each frame black (I did 2 coats of black chalk paint).

Step 2

Next I let the frames dry. If you’re a frequent reader of my craft blogging you know  I often use a blow dryer to help along the drying process depending on the materials I’m using. I definitely used one for this project!

After the frames were completely dry I placed the glass back into them (I actually cleaned the glass for each frame because being stored in my craft room they certainly weren’t shinny). After placing the glass back into each frame I took the doilies and placed them inside each frame to suit my desired look.  Then I took the backing to the frames and gave them a coat of black paint. Mallory Dublin 2018

After those dried (with the help of my blow dryer) I was able to assemble the frames, turn them over and see if I was happy with how they looked. I was 🙂 !

Step 3

Step 3 is also pictured in the images above. for the third and final step you take the plastic Dollar Tree Spiders and you cut the part off the back that makes them rings. Glue one onto each of the framed doilies. Now this part was trial and error for me. First I used a hot glue gun to glue the spider on but that didn’t work at all for some reason…so second I tried super glue and that didn’t work either so then I resorted to the glue that never fails me which is E6000 glue. It takes longer to dry therefore it isn’t an instant fix (which is kind of annoying) but when it dries it’s there to stay! once it’s dry place these adorable frames spider webs somewhere in your home like I did! I LOVE THEM!

Best Glue EVER

Finally! How cute are these?!

I think these are so cute!! I don’t know why I love them so much but I just do! They are not your typical Halloween decorations but still very cute and different which I love! Let me know what you think!

Yay for Halloween and yay for reading about crafts on LovEthic For Everybody! Love, Mallory!

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