DIY Magnolia Leaf Wreath

DIY Magnolia Wreath






Magnolia Leaf Wreath

This beautiful wreath is very simple to make and looks like a million bucks! I made my Mother and myself one in one afternoon!

What you’ll need

foam board

Foam Board

I used foam board to cut my circles out of to use for the form/ structure of my wreath. You can use cardboard, too. I just used what I had (as usual).

Large Mixing Bowls for tracing big circles

I used large mixing bowls to outline the inner and outer circles for my wreath before I cut them out of the foam board I used.

Cut them out

I traced and cut out 2 patterns because I made one for my Mother and myself.

Magnolia Leaves

Fresh Magnolia Leaves

I went out into my Mother’s yard and snipped some fresh Magnolia leaves from her Magnolia tree. A lot of people have access to Magnolia trees, they are in a lot of parks and if you have a neighbor or a friend with one, I’m sure they wouldn’t mind to let you snip some! You can preserve the leaves the first, however I didn’t.
Magnolia leaves will last a pretty good while before they dry out too badly and begin to crumble.

  • Silver and Gold Spray Paint
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • 20 to 30 minutes

Once you spray paint some of your leaves silver and gold to add in around your green ones and your hot glue gun is ready and hot you will begin to make your wreath. 

Below is the technique I used to create my wreath

After you get enough leaves glued to your wreath form to complete the look you’re going for (fullness and texture wise) you’re finished! It doesn’t take long to create this beautiful Magnolia leaf wreath and it costs essentially, nothing! If you hang it indoors or if the outside location you choose is shaded, your magnolia leaves will keep longer. Placing in direct sunlight will cause the leaves to die an crumble faster. 

Beautiful DIY Magnolia Leaf Wreath




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