DIY Spring Bunny Decor for $1.25 !!

I have all 4 of these bunnies in my home this Spring and all 4 of them only put me out a buck and twenty five cents!

Yes, I am  always up in a thrift shop finding some gems! This week (the week before Easter) how convenient that I found some cute little bunnies!? Well…they’re cute now anyway. After a little re-fabbing (some paint and some wax) they look like they hopped right up out of Pier 1 or TJ-Maxx! Don’t they? lol! Yeah I know, they cute AF!

Stopping in the thrift store and finding some gems to refurbish is the most inexpensive and funniest way to add to your seasonal decor! Now read the rest of the post and watch me work!  

Check out what they looked like when I bought them…

Pretty busted, dirty and even creep looking, huh? YASSS ugly AF! 

Let’s Save the BUNNIES!!!!

White Paint, Paint Brush and Paint them Bunnies!

  1. Wash the bunnies with soap and water and dry them off
  2. Get some white paint out and grab your paint brush and paint them babies!
  3. It may take a couple coats of paint to cover them good (it will just depend on what you’re working with. 
  4. Use a blow dryer to help the drying process along (ya’ll know I always do)!


After he was painted white, I look a little pink paint and gave him some roses cheeks and dabbed some on the inside of his ears. 


With these, after they were crispy white, I got some dark wax and rubbed them down by following with some clear wax to tone the dark down to give them a distressed look! 


Finished and re-fabbed Spring Bunny Decor

Thanks for being here at my site for another one of my DIY Home decor projects! Love to ALL -Mallory

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