DIY Spring Flower Arrangement

I decided it is time to begin making my home look a little like Spring time! I have been wanting a new small flower arrangement to set around my house but going and buying one is quite the expense! So, I decided to make my own! 

What I used

  1. Florals (Michael’s had 1/2 off all their Spring florals last week so I grabbed some! The rest of the florals I grabbed at the Dollar Tree.
  2. A styrofoam block (the Dollar Tree)
  3. Nautical rope (Dollar Tree)
  4. Moss
  5. Hot Glue gun
  6. stem trimmers or scissors 


Take the hot glue gun and glue the nautical rope around the side of it like the pictures below. 


Once you have the rope glued around your styrofoam block take the hot glue gun again and glue some moss on the top. See pictures below.


Now take your stem trimmers or scissors and cut the florals apart so you can begin to place them and make your arrangement. 


Begin to place stems through the moss into the styrofoam to make your arrangement. You will have to play around and move around, add and take away some, but you will finally come up with a look that will make the perfect arrangement! Don’t forget to add some greenery pieces into the mix!


Once you’ve messed around and placed everything exactly how you like it, you will have your adorable little Spring flower arrangement you can display anywhere in your home for a Spring vibe in hopes of warmer weather soon! Thanks for being here and reading on my blog! If you decide to make a Spring arrangement of your own please post pictures to this post so I can see! Love to ALL!!

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