DIY Spring Mason Jar Vase

DIY Spring Mason Jar Vase

I had an idea to take a mason jar and paint it like a Robin’s egg to use as a vase for Spring decor in my house! I think it turned out darling and it was very easy to make. See below how I did it! 

What You’ll Need

  1. A Mason jar or any jar you have laying around the house
  2. some blue paint (I began with 2 colors but just ended up using one of them) I like to have choices.
  3. some brown paint for the speckles
  4. a regular paint brush and a fan brush for the speckles
  5. some raffia to tie around the top or ribbon if that’s what you prefer 


Take the jar and paint it the blue color you chose and let it dry. Use a blow dryer to help the drying process along if you want to, I always do. If you not, wait for it to dry. You may need to paint 2 coats. 


Next take the brown paint you chose for your speckles and pour a little out onto a pallet or into a small container and add some water to it. take the fan brush and dip it into the watered down paint. use the other paint brush to tap the fan brush while you’re holding it over the jar to make speckles. Tap lightly to begin and then judge how forceful your tapping needs to be along the way to achieve the speckle look you’re going for. see picture below. 


After you get the speckles all over your jar like you want (you may have to use the blowdryer to dry the section you speckled in order to turn the jar over and different ways to get the whole jar speckled evenly) make sure it is all dry and then tie the raffia around the top (or the ribbon or whatever you decide to use) leaving it without anything around the top is a fine option, too!


Now that the jar is completed all you need to do now is add some Spring flowers! You can use artificial or real ones. I used artificial ones because I had some really cute ones on hand! 

Thank you for being here and reading another one of my DIY’s on my my blog! I hope everyone enjoyed this mason jar made into this darling Spring Vase! Let me know if you decide to make one for yourself and how it turns out! Love to all -Mallory!

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