5 Steps to Creating a DIY Succulent Pumpkin

DIY Succulent Pumpkin

This is another one of my Dollar Tree crafts! I love the Fall season and Halloween so of course I can’t stop won’t stop with the fall crafts and DIY Fall decor!

For this beautiful DIY succulent pumpkin you’ll need:

  • Artificial succulents
  • Artificial brown moss/grass
  • Orange styrofoam pumpkin
  • Floral foam

All of which can be purchased at the Dollar Tree!

  • hot glue gun
  • White paint
  • Paint brush


Take the orange styrofoam pumpkin, place it front of you and find the circular seam on the top

Then take a sharp knife and remove the section inside of the seam.


Take the white paint and paint the pumpkin! I painted about 3 coats of white paint until I thought the orange was covered good.


Then take the floral foam and cut it so it can inserted into the pumpkin like the picture below.


Now take the brown moss/grass and place some on top of the pumpkin covering the floral foam and attach it with hot glue.


Once the hot glue is dry take the artificial succulents and begin to place them as desired.

How cute is this?!:)

Thank you for being here at LovEthic For Everybody- Mallory

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