DIY Vintage Book Page Easter Eggs

DIY Vintage Book Page Easter Eggs

As I was getting out the Easter and Spring decorations I do have, I noticed some old wooden eggs I had (that used to be cute once upon a time) maybe 10 years ago, ha! Anyway, even if they were still kind of cute, they just weren’t my style any more. I wanted to try and and make some vintage book page eggs. I’ve seen them in stores (and they’re not exactly inexpensive). I’m so glad I decided to make these because they were super easy and turned out really well. 

What You’ll Need

  1. Some Easter eggs (I used some wooden ones but you can actually use plastic ones, too).
  2. Some pages from an old book you don’t mind to remove a few pages from
  3. mod podge
  4. siccors
  5. A paint brush


  1. Take some of the mod podge and put some in a small container you can dip your paint brush into. (see photo above)
  2. cut the book pages you chose to use into small strips (the size will depend on the size egg you use).
  3. Begin to paint the mod podge onto the egg and begin covering the eggs with the strips. As you begin to cover each egg remember to paint the mod podge over top of them, too.
  4. Press the page strips down onto the egg with your fingers to make it smooth and lay the way you want on the egg. 
  5. Paint a top coat of mod podge allover each egg once you have the strips on each of the them the way you like
  6. Let Dry! and DONE!

What I did Next

I took this wooden candle stick which is one of my recent thrift store purchases and I painted it white and glued a bowl to the top of it. 

Add some moss and your newly vintaged Easter eggs and…

I hope you enjoyed seeing how I made these Vintage Book Page Eggs and that my directions on how I made mine help you makes some of your own! Thanks for reading!

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