DIY Flower Pots

Flower pots are expensive! The only affordable ones are the good old terra-cotta ones that I assume most people have somewhere laying around their house. I did. Even though it’s the time of year most flower pots and gardening essentials are on sale I fought the urge to head out and buy new ones and opted for a DIY project instead.

What you’ll need:

Some terra-cotta pots


Putty knife

Paint brushes

Paint colors of your choice (chalk paint)


Drop cloth


Take the spackle and wipe it on each terra-cotta pot as desired. Let dry for an hour to an hour and a half.


After the spackle has dried, paint each pot a solid color. I chose white for the 2 larger ones and moss green for the smaller one I painted. I poured some of my white paint into a small bowl and added a few drops of water to thin the paint so it would spread better over the clay and spackle (watering the paint down just a tad helps your paint go a lot further when painting on a textured surface).Once you’ve got your pots painted then paint their bases (if you have bases).


Next, I blow dried the pots and the bases so I wouldn’t have to wait for them to dry on their own.Then I chose another paint color and dry brushed it onto the textured parts of the pots. To dry brush paint onto something begin with a dry paint brush, dip it into your paint and then wipe it off several times until there’s barely any paint left. Then take your paint brush and dab it over the area you wish to paint, lightly. If you’re not getting the look you’re going for then press your brush harder onto it. If you still seem to want a different look you can always add more paint to your brush, too.


Once you’ve dry brushed a second color onto each pot let them dry or just blow dry them like I did. Once they’re dry, get out the polycrylic and paint 2 coats on each pot letting them dry completely after each application. Once the final coat is dry you will have your finished products!I think these are a pretty cute alternative to plain Jane terra-cotta pots! It was very simple and not very time consuming either! Not to mention there are hundreds of different ways you could go about this project for hundreds of different looks!If you try this method, let me know how it goes and send me pictures of yours, I’d love to see!

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