A DIY Wreath For Any Occasion

A DIY wreath for any occasion that can be done a 100 different ways!

Are wreaths even still a thing? Are they even cool? I wouldn’t even know the popularity status of wreaths because I’m from the south and round here everybody’s got a wreath on every door! It’s more like who can craft the cutest one.
Of course I was browsing Pinterest not long ago looking for inspiration on what my next wreath project would be and happened to run across one decorated with mini picture frames. You know, the ones you receive as gifts and stocking stuffers year after year and you never really put a photo in them you just end up placing it beside something on a shelf in your house or on your nightstand? Well I thought hmmm, this isn’t really holiday oriented (which basically makes it for all seasons) but it definitely could be! Either way, I thought it was pretty darling and decided I wanted to try and make one.

To my surprise, while thrifting around my hometown this week, I hit the mini picture frame lottery and all for a quarter a piece!

I picked out 4 dollars worth then went home and grabbed a small wreath I had laying around. I decided to do a medium to small size wreath since it was my first go around.

Once I choose the wreath I was going to use, I picked out some mini frames and placed them on the wreath to get an idea of the design I was going for.

Then I decided I wanted a little background so I went to my craft room and grabbed the following…

unfortunately I lost the images for this explanation 🙁 I am so sorry


I took the green burlap and bunched it up like this:

unfortunately I lost the images for this explanation 🙁 I am so sorry

Taking floral wire to hold it together like this:

unfortunately I lost the images for this explanation 🙁 I am so sorry


I took the extra remaining floral wire from where I’d wrapped it around the burlap and twisted it around attaching it to the wreath

Then I left a few inches in the burlap and bunched it up again, wrapped it with wire and twisted it on the wreath a little further down

unfortunately I lost the images for this explanation 🙁 I am so sorry

I kept doing the same technique all the way around the wreath until I was back to where I started.


I personally wanted to paint the frames I was using so that was my next step


When I was finished painting the frames, I then placed photos into them. I thought if you wanted to theme them for the current season you could place pictures accordingly. For example, it’s almost Halloween so you could put pictures of your children from previous Halloween’s into them or even childhood ones of your own!


I then placed the frames back onto the wreath to get an idea one last time where I’d like them to land permanently.


Initially I heated up my hot glue gun to attached the frames to the wreath but then I decided against it because I thought obviously I may want to change the photos in the frames at some point. This is when I decided to use floral wire to attach them. The photos below show I accomplished this. I basically just brainstormed a way to attach the floral wire to each frame so I could tie it through the back of the wreath and twist it.


Now it’s time to attach the frames to the wreath. When I placed a frame on the wreath where I wanted it, I took each end of the wire I had attached to frame and slide it through the burlap and then through the wreath, turned the wreath over and twisted the wire tightly so it wouldn’t shift. This worked out nicely for each frame leaving me with a finished product like this:

So!!! I was like EWWW!! That is not even as cute as I thought it would be! That’s when I decided to add some succulents! Back to my craft room and into my florals and I was in luck! That’s when I chose the succulents I wanted to add to my wreath. I attached them with floral wire also. Good thing, too because what a difference they made! See below:

I think the succulents were definitely a plus! Now, don’t get me wrong this isn’t the cutest wreath I’ve ever made but I wouldn’t say it’s busted either! It will do for now and I think I will try and make another mini picture frame wreath that’s Christmas themed in the coming months.

Thanks for reading and let me know if you craft up a mini picture frame wreath, I would love to see how yours turns out!

-Mallory at LovEthic

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