Dollar Tree DIY Halloween Wreath

Dollar Tree DIY Halloween Wreath

I love the Dollar Tree! I don’t care how much money I’m ever worth, I will always be a loyal shopper to the Dollar Tree! You can get some of the best deals on craft supply’s and I can honestly say I own a fair amount of decor for every holiday from the Dollar Tree! I mean EVERYTHING is a dollar, you can’t beat it!
Everything I used to make this Halloween Wreath is from the dollar tree except the wreath which, honestly, I have no idea where I acquired.

What I already had:

A wreath and a hot glue gun.

Dollar Tree Items:

Fall florals.

Halloween plaque.

Decorative Halloween glitter accents.

All of which was a grand total of $5


Always lay your wreath out and place your decor on it to get a mental image for its placement.


Take your hot glue gun and start creating!

I took these glitter accents and cut them at the bottom of the stem to separate them so I could disburse them evenly around the wreath. I did the same with the florals.

Once I hot glued the Halloween witch where I wanted it, I began to stick the glitter accents and florals around the wreath until I achieved my desired look.

Happy Halloween!

Isn’t this a cute inexpensive way to create a darling Halloween wreath?! Not to mention it hardly took any time at all! I think it’s pretty cute and at least everyone will know, THE WITCH IS IN!

Thanks for being here at LovEthic For Everybody! Love to all, Mallory!

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