Picture of DIY Santa Wreath

Easy DIY Santa Wreath

Easy DIY Santa Wreath

You only need 3 materials and 2 crafting supplies for this super cute and super easy Santa wreath!



  1. Santa hat (0.98 cents at Was-Mart)
  2. Green foam wreath ($1 at the Dollar Tree)
  3. White tule ($2 & some change at War-Mart) You can also sometimes find tule at The Dollar Tree.

Crafting Supplies

  1. T Pins (less than a dollar at Was-Mart or a Dollar store)
  2. Hot Glue Gun




Take a T pin and attach the end piece of the tule to the green foam wreath.


Wrap the tule around the entire wreath until you completely cover it then cut the tule and use another T pin to attach the end.


Next I took some Was-Mart sacks and stuffed them inside the Santa hat so that when I attached it to my wreath It would stand up nicely.


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