Love is all you need

Hi, I’m Mallory! I’m a 32 year old wife, bonus mom to a 9 year old boy and dog mom to my Boxer, Mars. I’m the daughter of 4 great parents, a granddaughter, a sibling to 3 sisters and 2 brothers (one who is heaven), and an Aunt to 4 nephews.

Lover of all humans, animals, books, traveling, crafting, painting, photography, learning new things and meeting new people. I strive to be a good listener and enjoy sharing my experiences with others. Most importantly, everyday I practice LIVING BY A LOVE ETHIC. “Love ethic” is an phrase adapted by one of my favorite authors, Dr. bell hooks. In one of her books, hooks defined love according to Peck’s definition in his 1978 book, The Road Less Traveled: love is “the will to extend one’s self for the purpose of nurturing one’s own or another’s spiritual growth” (as cited in hooks, 2000. (2000). All about love: New visions.

This is my husband Wade and me on our wedding day.

My boxer Lou Mars
My bonus son, Michael with our dog Mars
my dad, me and my bonus mom, Melinda
My parent’s and me at my wedding

The story behind my blogs creation: 

I decided to become a blogger so I could express myself through sharing my experiences and hobbies to a broad audience. I’ve always dreamed of a place to share my experiences and hobbies with others where they can do the same with me (without judgment).  Though it must be noted: sharing experiences and opinions without judgment isn’t easy for everyone nor, by some, understood. Please read my Personal Mission Statement:

My mission is to contribute positive energy to everything I do, to inspire others, listen to them and encourage them respectfully. I strive to make everyone I meet feel they are worthwhile. I will always take time to improve myself dismissing time to ridicule others. I will live modeling a Love Ethic. I will motivate and encourage through my dedication and service to others.  I will be a person of my word and I will do the right thing even when it’s the hard thing. When I am faced with decisions I will always make the choice I can live with. I vow to always express gratitude and to lend a smile to all living creatures I come across. I will not be burdened by those who seek my help but I will stand up for what is right and for myself. I will never ask someone to do something I wouldn’t do myself. I will always keep an open mind and empathy and compassion in my heart.

Thanks for being here and supporting me!