How I Turned a Thrifty Find Into an Easter Decoration

Who knew an old wooden candle holder I ran across at a local thrift shop would spark this cute Easter decoration idea?

Everyone knows I love Easter! I love how cute Easter is and all the chocolate, too! Every year all the Easter decor that’s displayed into all the shops around town inspire my creative ideas to create cute Easter decorations to display in my home. Not to mention, by February I am so over the cold weather and looking onward to Spring, the Easter Holiday and the warmer weather! I saw this old candle holder in a thrift store one day last week and sparked the cutest idea of an Easter decoration to create with some Easter crafting items I had recently purchased from Hobby Lobby! The one Pictured below is what I used for this project but obviously you could use any 3 tier candle holder or even 3 separate candle holders, as well. 

But like I said, if you can’t discover something similar to this, you could use something like the photo below.

What You’ll Need

1. Old wooden candle holder/holders

2. White and Gray paint 

3.Grass/Moss Bunnies (I found the ones I used at Hobby Lobby

4. A package of decorative Easter eggs (I found the ones I used at Hobby Lobby) It’s really just a personal preference depending on your style just make sure the egg you use is a good size for the display you choose. 

5. Some brown moss and some green moss

6. A hot glue gun



Paint the candle holder or holders white first. (I use a blow dryer to help the drying process along) then paint a coat of gray paint on top of it (or 2 or 3) until you get your desired look 


Plug the hot glue gun in and when it’s ready, take some of the brown moss and glue some down on each end then take the green moss and glue some on top of the brown 


Take the 2 grass/moss bunnies and the egg you chose and hot glue them ontop of the moss! ALL DONE and 


I don’t know what you guys think BUT I think this is quite adorable! Heck! Easter is adorable!


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