How to Make Felt Garland

How to make Felt Garland

Let’s be honest, garland has many great uses. We use it for all the Holidays and it adds great flare to any party or event you may be hosting (baby showers, Birthdays, wedding showers, etc.). What most people may think of when referring to garland is a long string of fresh or artificial greenery and flowers, however what I’ve learned (from hosting so many parties the past several years) is that, there are all kinds of garland.

Recently as I was shopping on one of my favorite sites (Anthropologie) I saw some really cute felt garland. If you’re familiar with Anthropologie then you know nothing they have is exactly inexpensive. This is what theirs looked like:

Felt Garland from Anthropologie:


It is so cute and I totally wanted to buy it but… I knew I could make it myself, too.

What I did:


I went and bought some felt. You can get felt sheets in almost any color from Wal-Mart or Amazon and they average about  .23 cents a piece!

iconClick the Image above to Shop Felt from Walmart


Cut the felt into strips. Depending on the kind of garland you’re trying to make and what you’re making it for, will indicate what size you want your strips to be.

I made 3 different garlands and tried 3 different methods.


Begin Cutting…A lot (Depending on how long you want your garland will determine how many strips you cut.

String the garland

Once you have your strips cut (I used black sewing thread to string my garland) begin to string your felt strips onto the thread. You can chose a pattern for your garland or you can string it randomly. I chose a pattern for all 3 garland pieces I made.

You can string beads between your felt pieces or felt balls. There are several different ways to fold the felt pieces onto the garland as well. Its really just personal preference and the look you’re going for.


There are countless ways to display felt garland however, since it’s that time of the year I focused on using mine for Christmas decorating!

Tried out one for a centerpiece

I used this wreath from the Dollar Tree


Separated the pieces like this:


Then Placed the garland inside of the separated pieces and folded them over the garland every so often.

Vases from the Dollar Tree, Some Folk Art Paint and some adhesive gems

I purchased some vases at the Dollar Tree and used some paint and some adhesive gems to make them more festive. Very Simple and inexpensive.


I used there in the middle of my garland wreath creation. Now this isn’t the cutest centerpiece I’ve ever made but…It’s just an example of all the cool things you can do with felt garland.

I also think this Garland looks great for Party decoration!


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