How to Make These Leaf dishes in 5 Easy Steps

Make These Adorable Leaf Dishes in 5 Easy Steps

These leaf dishes are so easy to make and they are adorable and even make great gifts! Who doesn’t need gift ideas being it’s only a little over a month until Christmas?

What You’ll Need

  1. Polymer Clay

  2. Some leaves from the yard

  3. A rolling pin

  4. A razor sharp craft knife

  5. Access to an oven

  6. Paint (colors of your choice)

Below are step by step directions:

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Take some polymer clay (amount depending on the size of the leaf you choose to make your dish) and mash it into a ball in the palm of your hand until it’s soft enough to mash down onto a flat surface. I laid down parchment paper to mash mine onto because polymer clay can stick onto other materials making a project like this difficult. Mash the ball of clay you’ve made onto your flat surface pressing it down with the palm of your hand.


Take the rolling pin and roll the clay out as evenly as possible until it’s the right size to place your leaf onto. The clay only needs to be about a half inch in thickness and could even be a little less.


Place the leaf onto the clay, right side up, and begin pressing it into the clay with your fingers. You can even take the rolling pin and carefully roll it over the leaf into the clay.

Once you’ve pressed the leaf well into the clay to make a mold begin at one end of the leaf and gently begin to pull it out of the clay. Once you’ve removed the leaf from the clay and you’re happy with your mold; take the razor sharp craft knife and cut the surface (extra clay) off from around the leaf. Try to cut it in the original shape of the leaf best you can.


After you’ve cut out the leaf mold, you can turn up the edges like I have in the picture above.

Now your leaf dish is ready to bake. Depending on the type and brand of polymer clay you’re using oven temperature and baking time will vary. However, there are several types of air dry clay’s out there too. Polymer clay is just what I usually have on hand.


When your clay is finished baking (or drying if you choose to use air dry clay) let it cool. Once the clay is cool you’re ready to paint!

I choose green and gold for my leaf dishes and I think they look great! These could be used as jewelry dishes, gifts, or to add some flare to the decor somewhere in your home!

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