How to Make This Bunny on Canvas in 4 Easy Steps

4 Easy Steps to making this adorable Easter Bunny for your home!

Why Do I love Easter so much?! Because it’s THE CUTEST Holiday. Swear. I love all of the Easter Holiday decor I see in the stores year after year. I swear it keeps getting cuter and cuter! Well, even though it’s currently 55 days until Easter 2019, I couldn’t help but to get started on some DIY Easter home decor! Let’s get to it!



One 8 x 10 canvas (got mine at the Dollar Tree


One Bag of dried Moss (got  mine at Was-Mart)


A piece of thick card stock or cardboard (for tracing the bunny onto and cutting out).

Bunny Printout

A bunny printout (I got mine from Google Images).


Some wide Burlap (I had mine around the house) You can get some at Michael’s or Hobby Lobby or probably even Wal-Mart!

Hot glue gun

A hot glue gun to attach everything together! 



Plug your hot glue gun in. Take the burlap and lay it over your canvas, leaving enough around the edges to hot glue it to the back side of the canvas. 

TIP: If you don’t think you’re crafty or neat enough to get the burlap onto the canvas with the hot glue gun you can take some Elmers glue and mix some water with it and once you place your burlap over the canvas just begin to paint over it with the Elmers and water mix and wait for it to dry. 


Once the burlap is attached to the canvas take some card stock or cardboard and trace your bunny onto it and cut it out.


Use the hot glue gun and place moss onto the bunny cut out placing it neatly along the edges (you want to try best you can to keep it in the shape of a bunny).


Take the hot glue gun again and place the moss covered bunny onto the canvas. That’s it! How Simple was that? 

I would have loved to do this on a much larger canvas and I absolutely will as soon as I move into a bigger house!

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