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How to make Wooden Bead Garland

How to make Garland with Wooden Beads

I see garland made with wooden beads all the time and I think it’s the cutest home decor accent! You can drape it over a plant, on a lamp, over some candle stick or just lay it on shelf by some other things for some added flare. I also even love when I see it hanging on a wall!


I have seen this garland in plenty of stores and websites for sale yet the prices for some of them can be pretty pricey! I decided I would order some wooden beads from Amazon and and strung some cute garland of my own! 

The Link below is a link to the beads I purchased on Amazon which are great for this product. You get 100 beads for a great price and they are great quality beads and I highly recommend them for this project! 

Wooden Craft Beads


Wooden Bead Garland Materials

Now, I made some tassels with some jute and some thread to add some character to some of my garland. I can post a tutorial soon on how to make tassels for anyone who’s interested. To make the actual garland (since this was my first time making some, I tried out a couple different methods) I strung some of the garland on the jute and some on elastic. I made up the patterns as I went and added tassels and wooden tags to some as well. 


I left the wooden tags on them on them blank but what I think would be cute is to stand things them. For example, if it was going to be used on a plant you could stamp the name of the plant or herb onto the tag. You could stamp other sayings onto other garland to suit the purpose of what you’re using it for. See the image below to see one I did stamp. 

Wooden Bead Garland with stamped message
All you need is love garland
Check out my handmade wooden bead garland You can purchase in my Etsy Shop!

Below, check out some of the ways you can incorporate wooden bead garland into your already fab home decor!

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