Making Your Time Count

Our time with those we love is limited and it’s our job to realize this in our rushed lives.

Making our time count

is not something we think about about day to day, minute to minute. Yet how we use our time is, in fact, everything.

I’m fortunate

At 33 years old I can say I knew 2 of my great grandmothers until their 100th year of age.

Granny Jones

My maternal grandfather’s mother…


Mama Ruby

My maternal grandmother’s mother who lived to be 100 years 1 month and 1 day old.

The way I use my time when it comes to spending it with others was a lesson I learned early in life yet sometimes it still seems like not early enough. When I was born in 1985 my great grandmothers were around 70 years old. Little did they know they both had another 30 years of life after my birth(even at 70 years young) It is still fascinating to think they actually lived 100 years of life. They saw many people, family members, friends, and people of the world die before them. They both out lived their husbands and Mama Ruby outlived 2 of her children and her youngest son barely lived a year after she passed.

Neither of them had any friends their age living at the time of their passings and they lived in a world surround by technology that was more than they had ever dreamed of seeing or believed to be a reality 100 years prior. However, even though technology had surpassed anything their minds were capable of most of the time, they were still smart as a tack possessing thoughts and experiences of greater value than most people realize. You see and experience a lot in a 100 years. You know tragedy, you know loss, you know about a hard time, how to hold a marriage together, to raise kids, to cook from scratch, to make a bed (perfectly), to get a stain out of ANYTHING, you know about manners and how to use them, to save money, to spend it, you know about having it all, as well as, having nothing at all. Most importantly, living 100 years of life you know about LOVE, why it’s important and that it’s what makes this life worth living and what holds any relationship together, through and through.

I’m So glad

Im so glad I was able to experience 2 humans until their 100th year of life. I am thankful I realized sooner than later the importance of time, how to spend it and how to make it count. I can’t say the same for some other people in my family. I am not judging them, either. As my grandmother says, “You must always do what you can live with” and I sleep well at night because, I do.

Making your time count

Making your time count is a continuous effort I must always remind myself to take and that is the actual message I am sharing in this blog post.

Every Tuesday night in my family is “Girls Night” My mother, my sisters and I meet at my grandmothers house every Tuesday night for dinner to catch up and spend time together. My Papa is there sometimes of course because, well…he lives there, too! He goes for coffee every evening at 5PM and returns around 6PM and this is when he generally eats his supper (we save him a plate). Last Tuesday after we had all finished eating we were sitting in the living-room socializing. I was actually on my phone playing candy crush. I saw Papa come in and get his plate. As he went over and sat at the table by himself, he began to eat his supper. This is when I made myself have one of those continuous efforts of using my time wisely. I tossed my phone onto the end table next to where I was sitting and I went and sat at the table with my Papa! We sat there and talked and laughed until he was finished with his supper and then I took his plate to the sink for him.

I can live with that

Make your time count when it comes to people you love. They won’t be here forever. Thanks for being here and reading at Love Ethic. Love to all-Mallory-

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