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Check out these Modern Decor Accents

The farmhouse and rustic decor everyone is obsessed with here in Kentucky (where I live) is cute but lets face it, not everyone has a vibe for that stuff and the more modern touches you can add to your home are cute and affordable, too! In fact, I actually vibe more on a modern more contemporary look myself. 

However, whatever your go to look is, is obviously what makes you happy and I’m all about everyone being happy! I’m also all about sharing these ten awesome modern decor accents with you, too! I am an affiliate for Amazon and by clicking on the links provided in this post and going as far as to make a purchase will benefit me! So, Thanks for being here and I hope you enjoy these resources! 


Accent Chairs

I love accent chairs! Actually, I’m obsessed with them! My husband and I live in a rather small house currently and we need new living room furniture in the worst way! However, since we are currently looking for a new home (a bigger one) I am holding off on buying new furniture BUT best believe when we finally get a new and bigger living space I will get some new furniture and I will be getting hella accent chairs! I will get them for probably every room they will fit in! They are pretty inexpensive and they can dress up any room in a home with style! Not to mention you can place cool throw blankets over the top of them or/and some awesome throw pillows in them, too! 

The Chair I’ve featured in the middle of the products above even comes with a foot stool that has storage. Win/Win!!

Throw Blankets

This is just a necessary accent anyone who loves modern decor needs! YES, YES and YES I have one! I love it, it looks great and its obviously not just for achieving that fab modern look, its coat AF, too! go ahead and click the link above and get you one or two! 

Throw Pillows

I hand picked the throw pillow select above! The best thing about updating the throw pillow selection in your home is that it’s not even that expensive because you can just order pillow covers and place them on top of pillows you already have! Everyone needs like 75 throw pillows and these modern designs are absolutely dope! Go ahead, click on the links provided above and GET. YOU. SOME. XOXOXO

Candle Sticks

I actually own the candle sticks displayed above in the middle  (in silver) they were a wedding a gift and I absolutely love them! I have used them for decorating numerous places in my home! They look good on a buffet, the dinning table and even displayed in the living room on the coffee table! I’ve had them in my kitchen, in the guest bedroom..okay see my point here? A good set of stylish candle sticks can go a million places and they are what I call a “classic decor piece” meaning they would have looked fresh 20 years ago, they fresh today, and you know you can bust them out 20 years from now for a fresh look, too! So…Click on the links provided above and shop around until you find a set YOU LOVEEEE!!!! You’re Welcome. XOXO


I own the Brighttech Emma LED tripod lamps listed above. They are in my family room. I have two of the table ones on the table behind one my sofas and the floor one is displayed by the floating shelves in the same room! I am currently thinking about purchasing the lamp displayed in the center above for each night stand in my master bedroom! Hope my husband doesn’t read this post, ha! Anyway, stylish and unique lamps are great for the home. They look great in a living room or formal living room and there’s nothing like dressing any bedroom up with a bad ass lamp! Not to mention what is your office actually without a kickass floor lamp? Click the links above to shop these looks or to discover more! 


I love shelves! You can do so much with them! You can use them for storage in any room and if you don’t have much to store you can always use them to display your pretty and favorite things! Floor shelves are the bomb and so are hanging and floating ones! Click any of the links above to shop some of my favorite modern shelves or to find some shelving that would work in your home! 


Most people don’t realize that having mirrors hanging somewhere in your home is a MUST! They add dimension and reflect light in all the right places! I love the large round ones because of the modern and mid century modern vibe they have! My great grandparents always had a big round mirror hanging in their living room back in the 50’s and 60’s and it was so cool! What’s even cooler? I have it in my home now! Not everyone is so lucky to have an original round mirror from the actual mid-century modern era itself BUT that’s why I’ve provided links above so you can shop this look for your home!


Coffee table, night stands, dressers, bathroom counters, kitchen counters, kitchen tables, serve food to guests, or place some candle sticks and other decor on them! TRAYS they’re useful for so many things and make for unique accent pieces! 


Vases are GREAT accents! You can make them work for any season just by what you place in them! Except!!! You want the vases in your home to be freaking awesome and maybe even be conversation pieces! I have hand picked some pretty fab ones above so just click the links and shop for some! Vases also make great gifts because they are an accent piece one can enjoy for years to come and they serve a happy purpose, FLOWERS! 

Thanks for being here and supporting me! I hope you find this post resourceful and helpful if you’re looking to add some Modern flare to your home or if it’s just time for a new look! I love these pieces and handpicked them all just for my readers! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!

Love to ALL -Mallory

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